LAMH Recap: As Melody Clashes With Martell and Destiny, Carlos Pours out His Heart

LAMH Season 5 Episode 18
Photo Credit: OWN

For the final installment of the “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” reunion, clashes abound. Carlos not only addressed Destiny’s failed friendship with Melody but touches on the failed co-parenting relationship between Martell and Melody.

Firstly, Carlos receives different answers from Melody and Destiny regarding the failure of their friendship. This leads to a back-and-forth between the ladies as Destiny reveals what she feels Melody lied about.

Of course, allegations were thrown when Melody accused Destiny of calling Martell very late at night.

Next, Martell and Melody’s trip to Destin is addressed and Carlos pours out his heart. He tearfully tells Martell he still loves Melody.

Lastly, Tiffany and Louis have a major reveal and Kimmi addresses her decision to show her cancer battle and how it affects her and Maurice.

Here’s the recap for, “The Reunion, Part 3.”

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  1. When Carlos was speaking with Montel i literally was crying because he was ON POINT it’s so OBVIOUS Montel is still in love with Mel…i also saw tonight how much Mel is still 💔 over the BETRAYAL.I wish that Martell and Melody can at least come to a mutual custody sharing agreement the KIDS have SUFFERED enough.

  2. Godspeed on Kimmi’s recovery 🙏🏾!!
    With that being said, I really don’t feel none of these folks were friends. It was just a title. The Comeback Group was business. Now we all know ain’t no friends in business.
    This show really had me hyped because I felt it was going to show something in a much brighter light with the sisters and brothers…we need to get back to that. They had me wanting to move to Huntsville and do business with someone out of that group.
    Honestly, they just need to see each other in passing now…there’s really nothing to come back to.
    Wanda was kinda funny in the first season but I guess they wanted more for TV and she did just that. It became too much where she caused a blow up at Destiny’s grand opening. Why do folks wanna be at an event supposedly supporting and they wanna show out?
    That wasn’t a teen party and someone came to fight but that’s exactly what it turned out to be.
    I get Melody being upset but that wasn’t the time nor the place.
    On the other hand, Wanda shoulda been written off the show some time ago. Maybe at the food truck part. LaTisha wasn’t really checking her Mother, defending her YES!
    Keke just wanted to be on tv as the bone carrier…she gotta go too.
    The genes are very strong in that family though…Wanda, LaTisha and Keke…Melanin Magic.

  3. Carlos King, WHY is Destiny returning? She is too mean, aggressive and nasty. No one wants to see her.

  4. All of them with the exception of Kimmie are childish and immature. I can understand why Melody feels the way she does about the people on the show, but as a grown woman that claims that she has moved on and has peace in her life and does not want to deal with all of the drama her mouth says one thing and her actions say another. She sat on that stage with that bitter look on her face for the whole reunion, if she is really over Martell why does she care what time Destiny is calling him. Right is right and wrong is wring is wring no matter who you are. Melody did the right thing when she divorced Martell he is a serial cheater and he needs to grow up. But Melody likes to keep throwing ish up in your face. Anytime anybody says anything to Melody to has too come back with a fly *ss comment and that ish gets old after a while. If you are really healed and ready to move on with your life and live in your peace you would not act like this. This is just my personal opinion and I just think Melody sitting on the stage with the bitter look and always having these fly a-s comments are not a good look. The best revenge is living well and I will not let people take me character and make me look as ignorant as they are.

    1. If everyone is childish and immature, why is Melody the only person you criticized? That’s the problem. Y’all want Melody to sit there and take abuse like a robot because y’all are used to seeing black women be everyone’s punching bag. And she’s not doing it anymore. Good for her!

      1. “If everyone is childish and immature, why is Melody the only person you criticized?” LOL. It’s something I notice consistently.

          1. You Melody haters write the dumbest comments. We wouldn’t have a show now if Melody and Martell weren’t transparent because truth be told, Destiny and the Scotts (not Kimmi) bring absolutely nothing to this show outside of talking about Melody and Martell. Destiny also has a track record of lies. Melody already filed a police report because Martell really did hack her phone. It’s public record. Keep believing all these liars if you want to. Destiny still won’t tell you why her marriage failed. But you think she knows Melody’s tea. LOL.

    2. I agree with every word you said. A person that claims to have peace would not continue to have that bitter face throughout the whole reunion. Although she does have strength she also acts sometimes like her poop don’t stink and she does no wrong I can see where she can be quite sneaky and nasty on the low and no one would believe it cause she plays it so well. So yes I totally agree with you.

      1. It’s so weird to me how nasty y’all are to single and confident black women. You’re more worked up by Melody’s facial expressions and confidence, but you didn’t pay attention to any of the facial expressions made by the men nor were you triggered by the problematic actions of Marsau and Martell. And you never ask yourself why women frustrate you more than problematic men for simply existing and being flawed? Ma’am…

        1. Well said and I understand your point. But as for me I’m standing in what I said yes shes single and a strong black women to endure what she went through with her ex. That doesnt not excuse the way she looked she may not have been bothered but her face surely did that’s all I’m saying. As for the rest of cast men included they all have something about them even maurice I just cant put my finger on it. And lastly and let me be clear I was not frustrated by anyone on a reality show I have not and will not ever let someone or anyone for that matter frustrate me or rent space in my head over someone’s elses problems. It’s a reality show and we can comment on the things we see to ourselves it’s our perspective and opinion and it’s ok to agree to disagree. So I hope we are clear on this as I was just stating my opinion no frustration no hate at all. God Bless ✌🏾

          1. You see how you fairly pointed out the negatives of other cast members, especially the men? I’d like to see more of that.

    3. The fact that you literally typed this long comment that mainly argued that Melody should be able to sit on a stage, keep a happy face on, and be nice to people who 1. Helped her ex cheat, 2. Helped her ex hurt her, 3. Lied on her and used her, 4. Dragged her momma, 5. Gang up on her out of jealousy is exactly why I say women are the biggest misogynists. You really think black women accepting mistreatment is honorable.

  5. I will no longer watch this show. It has definitely turned into LOVE AND HIP HOP. Nothing is really going on. I think it’s time for Melody to leave. I think she’s outgrown it. She doesn’t get along with anyone anyways but Kimmie. I hope the judge orders her full custody so she can move to Atlanta. And then Martell will be looking dumb all because he’s jealous of Mel’s success.

  6. There’s a lot of drama going on with all of the cast members. Tisha should be a little more conservative because stupid things comes out of her mouth. I don’t know who dresses the ladies but they should be fired. Ijs

  7. Contrary to what you all think I am not a Melody hater. I understand why Melody is angry at them. What I am saying is do not sit up on that stage with the bitter angry woman look. It is not a good look for a grown mature woman. I would not let the rest of them clowns think they have any control over my emotions. The way Melody was sitting with that look on her face they just kept coming for her. As I said before the best revenge is living well and I will not give my enemies the satisfaction of thinking they got under my skin. I do not put down strong black women because I am a strong black woman that has raised 2 strong black women. And I will say this all of the women on this show have character flaws and other issues that they need to work on. LaTisha wears me put with her head up Marsau’s a-s all the time. Destiny is so wounded because Mel dropped her as a friend. Get over it. So again I am not against Melody I just think she should handled them a little different to make them look foolish. And last but not least don’t argue with people because it just give them the floor say what they want to say. So now I again I am not a Melody

  8. You all are coming at me because you read something and intrepid the way you want to. I am not a Melody hater because I don’t know her. I just see what they show on a television screen. But to break it down to those that do not understand what I meant is this. Melody has every right to be upset because what Martell did was unforgivable. I would not want to be friends with people that talk about me or my children. But I would not sit on that stage with a bitter angry look on my face and show that type of emotion to my enemies. If you let people know they can get under your skin they keep coming for you and that is what they did. As a grown a-s woman I am not going to let people that I do not spend a lot of time with take me out of character and make me look like the angry black woman period. I support strong black women and I raised 2 strong black women. I do not give passes to any of the men on the show because they are needy drama queens. And I do not believe in male control. These men started too much ish and they should stay out of the women’s arguments. So you can keep pushing the false narratives that I am a Melody hater. I will say it again ‘ The best revenge is living well ‘ . and it is immature for these grown people to do some of the ish they are doing I do not care how you try to spin it.

    1. No one came at you. People disagreed with you and for some reason you’re personally offended by that. As I stated, you want a black woman to sit there and take mistreatment from multiple people and not respond because YOU think that is honorable. You’re also concerned about being an “angry black woman.” Ma’am, that is misogynoir. Melody isn’t wrong here, you are. Black women are allowed to show emotions. We’re allowed to be flawed. Black women have every right to be human on a reality show. Melody’s commitment to being authentic at all times, no matter how many other black women this offends, is one of the reasons why this show is a success. Frankly put, there’s a reason YOU aren’t on a reality show and Melody is. She doesn’t have to do things your way. You’re arguing against being authentic on a reality show.

    2. Honestly the show wouldn’t have lasted past season 1 if all these people weren’t petty and ignored the digs thrown. I know the fans say they don’t like the negativity but I think that’s a lie. LOL.

  9. Shannon I don’t take this as a personal attack. Nobody is perfect and everybody has the right to do and feel as they please. I can see that you are a diehard Melody fan and you are very passion about that and commend your loyalty. As for me it is what it is a reality show that is filmed and edited for entertainment purposes only. I do not know why anyone would believe that these people on reality TV are always being authentic. I made a couple of comments and now I want black women to sit back and be verbally attacked, I want them to be mistreated by multiple people, black women are not allowed too be human, etc oh the best one is that is why Melody is on a reality show and I am not ( LOL). I only write sometimes when I have nothing else to do at the moment and it is just for fun. My apologies I can see how passionate you are about this show and Melody. PS I never dreamed of doing reality TV
    I am going to head back over to Reddit where the environment is much more light hearted. Frankly speaking (your words) Melody can do it her way lol
    How silly was this whole dialog. Life should not be this intense LOL

  10. Shannon it seems you are a loyal fan of Melody and that is wonderful. And me pointed out the mens crap just means I see it it’s there and guess its reality I dont live in their world and they dont live in mines. I watch the show just like you and everybody else as I have stated all of them have a certain way about them they all are not unscathed they each have something as we all do. But as for me truth be told I could careless about either one them they all have problems like me and half of the world rich or poor or slightly in the middle the only difference I would never do an reality show displaying it all not my move. Lastly like I said I have no hate in my heart for Melody or anyone else on there and I’m going to agree with the person on here that said they were going back to Reddit where opinions are just that opinions and not someone thinking we cant speak on nothing and with that stay blessed

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