Martell Holt Sues Melody Holt for Full Custody + Former Mistress Assaulted Inside Club?

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt are back on bad terms.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt recently told fans that he’s on much better terms with Melody Holt. Fans watched their marriage fall apart on and off of the show. And after the divorce was finalized, they could barely film scenes together without arguing. Oftentimes, they would argue about the demise of their marriage. Martell placed a lot of blame on Melody for his decision to cheat. He ended up having a child outside of the marriage. When asked why he did step out on Melody, he said she wasn’t pleasing him enough in the bedroom. As for Melody, her issue with Martell was the lack of respect and constant cheating.

To no surprise, they did originally struggle to co-parent. Martell hopped on social media once to accuse Melody of keeping the kids away from him. Melody has denied this. She said they have joint custody. So they would both split time with their children equally.

Weeks ago, the former couple even vacationed together. Melody invited Martell and his mother on her trip so that they could also spend time with the children. And they had each other’s backs after Miss Wanda doubted the paternity of their youngest child.

Well, the peace between Melody and Martell is now officially over. During an interview, Melody revealed that Martell is currently suing her for full custody.

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  1. What else needs to happen before people see that Martell just wants to hurt Melody and ruin her life because she divorced him? Let me guess, when they were getting along a few weeks ago, he tried to get back together with her. She said no. And now he’s suing for full custody out of spite. I really don’t like this man. I don’t care how hard he tries to clean up his image.

  2. I think Arionne needs therapy. There are some deep rooted issues she needs to deal with so she can change her life for the better.

  3. @Lisa……ALL OF THIS!! He probably wakes up every day thinking how can I make her life a living h-ll. How dare she DIVORCE/LEAVE me!! I don’t know what Sheree’s problem is. My my! SMH!🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. What Martell is doing is so mean and unnecessary. Ladies, please be careful who you date, marry, and have children with. Some men will literally try to destroy you.

    1. Ladies Mel is going to get killed by this fool.she needs to get help asap.he is going to snap cause he do not like that she is doing great things for her and their kids and he is at the bottom.

  5. This is what happens when you ignore RED FLAGS. Both Women will DEAL WITH MARTEL FOR THE NEXT 18 YEARS! Cautionary Tale

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