Katie Rost Backs Karen Huger & Makes Messy Accusations About Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

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Karen Huger has been clashing with Charrisse Jackson-Jordan on RHOP.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger wasn’t happy to see Charrisse Jackson-Jordan come around again during the current season. Robyn Dixon said that she is the one who wanted Charrisse back in the fold. She has a close friendship with Charrisse. In fact, she said Charrisse has always been there for her. So she didn’t care if Karen was rubbed the wrong way in the process. Karen seems to think that Robyn and Gizelle Bryant only brought Charrisse around to target her. And Karen thinks that the controversial accusations Charrisse made about her are being used to damage her reputation because people are jealous of her position on RHOP.

Karen will confront Charrisse about the rumors on Part 3 of the reunion. In a preview, Karen tells Charrisse that she’s heard messy rumors about her but she didn’t go there out of respect for Charrisse’s children. So it’s not cool that Charrisse didn’t have the same grace for her. And it is absolutely not true that she hooked up with strangers in public restrooms. Charrisse then said that Karen hasn’t heard any tea about her.

In response to this, Charrisse told Karen that she made the accusations to get even. She accused Karen of repeating messy untruths about her. And Karen denied this. She told Charrisse that she hasn’t mentioned her at all since Charrisse departed the show. In her opinion, Charrisse chose to escalate things this season because Karen didn’t want to engage.

Katie Rost backs up Karen Huger?

Well, RHOP alum Katie Rost has stepped into the drama. Hours ago, she penned an interesting tweet about Charrisse.

She wrote, “Maybe next season on #RHOP they will ask @CharrisseJordan about the night we had *** and I lied for her so she could get her settlement.”

She continued, “Maybe? I’m not bitter. Just saying. Or maybe she is so entertaining we will all be amazed as… Never.”

Katie then goes on to allege that she did tell Karen about the alleged hookup.

“I never lie, told Karen first, told my mom. I don’t lie.”

Interestingly enough, Katie made similar accusations back in 2020. At the time, she alleged that she hooked up with one of her costars. But she wouldn’t confirm the person’s identity. So this resulted in RHOP fans doing some guesswork on social media.

Charrisse has not responded to the accusations made by Katie as of yet.


  1. Okay don’t bring Charrisse back on RHOP ever again. Katie gave more in this one tweet than Charrisse ever gave on the show.

    1. They OLD and ignorant always saying they own businesses and they are entrepreneurs but don’t act like it what makes them think their clients or customers not watching and tonite was very uncalled for and ridiculous Andy sat there and allowed Candumb to insult Gizelle with racial slurs I hope Gizelle sue her and Candumb gets fired you are married to a scared Caucasian man I’m just really outdone Candumb chooses to use this show as her personal outlet to bark and these women b/c she unhappy about her skin LOOK seek help and get counseling her hate has nothing to do with Gizelle actions!

        1. Omg I can not believe candy went there but I must say Giselle is a little messy one season she was obsessed wit Chris’s private parts lol

  2. Why are all these blogs giving Katie Ross any play. She was irreverent and she is irreverent now can we talk about cast members that are actively getting a check and not ones that want to be. She will never get back on that platform so she needs to move on

  3. I think this is the problem. All these women want to do now is make accusations and expose each other. It’s exhausting. And the show is so unbalanced now. If Katie is just going to do the same, I don’t see the point of bringing her back.

  4. I figured out it was Cherisse that Katie said this about years ago. She said that the lady had a garage ,Cherisse at the time was the only one. Katie said then that if the person hadn’t opened her big mouth no one would have known or asked about it. This is old news that “went down”. Bring Katie back and let her yell it. She ain’t scared of none of em!

  5. Katie is going to tell everything she knows if her back on the show. Charisse let the Bandits use her and now she looks stupid.

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