Karen Huger Sets the Record Straight Amid Accusations of Restroom Hookup + Alcoholism

Photo Credit: Bravo

Karen Huger is dealing with scandalous accusations.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Karen Huger made some controversial accusations about Robyn Dixon on the current season. After Robyn accused Karen of being fake, Karen said that Robyn and Juan Dixon’s wedding is fake. She also alleged that he has a girlfriend Robyn knows about. Interestingly enough, Robyn denied these accusations on the show. And she laughed them off. However, she recently revealed that Juan did cross the line with another woman during the pandemic. They had to work through it. She also hinted that the situation may have made them put a pause on remarrying. Juan and Robyn are now officially remarried.

Interestingly enough, Karen had some accusations of her own to deal with, too. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan alleged that Karen’s reputation is she has a serious drinking problem. And she allegedly has gotten drunk and hooked up with a restaurant employee in a public restroom.

Gizelle Bryant accused Karen of getting her license suspended and needing rehab for alcoholism.

Karen addressed these accusations recently on her YouTube channel.

Rehab and license suspension never happened according to Karen Huger.

In response to Gizelle alleging that Karen’s license was suspended, she said, “When I heard Gizelle say my license had been suspended…never has my license been suspended. The lies, the lies. I mean, prove it! Where is it? It doesn’t exist. But I’m not gonna be defensive about it. I know my truth, I just said I must be in an enviable position for people to be making up such lies about me.”

She continued, “I am a survivor of being raped. My soul was taken from my body. Okay? And it took me 10 years to put my life back together. So I did therapy, upon therapy, upon therapy. Never was in alcoholic rehabilitation. I’m just thinking, desperation and lies this season just really took us to a very dark place. I’m looking for the light. Okay? And here’s the light, don’t be ashamed if you need help. Get the help. Don’t let what happened on our show shame you into not getting the help that you need. That’s my prayer for you all.”

Karen also seemingly alleged that Charrisse is the one with the drinking problem.

“But the disrespect that that person did was sitting drunk at the table. So drunk on the bus, drunk for Season 7, and my prayer is that if she needs help, she goes to get it because that person showed up on camera…I don’t have to put the word allegedly here, drunk every scene. And that says to me that’s a problem.”


  1. I literally said this to somebody, Charrisse is drunk most of the time she films. She even looks disheveled at times too. A lot of projection is going on.

    1. Not to mention she is so pressed to be friends again with Karen. Plus I can’t believe a woman that was on Ivana saying she sold her soul to the devil for material things. She needs counseling before coming for karen

  2. I don’t take Charrisse or Gizelle seriously because they’re certified liars. And now it’s confirmed Robyn is a liar too. So I believe nothing any of them say.

    1. You must be referring to all of the lies Gizelle, Charrisse, Ashley, and Robyn told this season. Karen hasn’t lied at all.

  3. I’ll never understand why anyone believes anything Gizelle’s lying a-s says but doubts Karen when she’s always vindicated. Gizelle sat there and completely made up that story about Chris groping Ashley’s weirdo friend at Karen’s party. Gizelle and Charrisse both lied and said Monique’s son was fathered by her trainer (he looks exactly like Chris 😒). And Charrisse has always had a drinking problem but all of a sudden it’s Karen who gets so drunk and sleeps with strangers in public restrooms. Meanwhile all these lies about Karen and Chris were used to cover up Robyn’s mess. RHOP is trash this season.

  4. The only people who believed anything Gizelle and Charrisse said are people who don’t like Karen and Gizelle and Robyn’s 5 fans. Next!

  5. Karen told told the truth about Robyn and Juan. It was clear to see that Charisse was drunk or high in a lot of her scenes.
    Karen did not address Blue Eyes, or the need for a driver. Until she addresses these 5 year old rumors, they will continue to deflect on to her. Unless Karen is going to be more open about these rumors she will be swiped with the same brush as the Bandits.

    1. But she addressed all of that if you watched the entire video. She said she’s a rape victim and doesn’t feel comfortable leaving her house without Ray or someone else he approves of (Blue Eyes). And Robyn refused to show her the picture and Bravo said it didn’t prove anything and refused to show it. It’s also dishonest to say she will be “swiped with the same brush” as the GEB. No she will not because she doesn’t sit back and come up with awful lies about people to cover up her own dirt. Like are you even keeping up with everything that’s even going on? Doesn’t seem like it.

      1. Thank you. The way some of these RHOP fans are trying to change the narrative and lump Karen with Gizelle and Robyn just shows why the GEBs feel like they can manipulate fans every season. It works unfortunately.

      2. Sorry I didn’t my point better. I was trying to say that the Bandits will continue to come after Karen with these old as* rumors and Charisse to deflect from their own crap. Besides, if these rumors were so well known about Karen how come only Charisse heard them and told the Bandits. After 5 or 6 years You know that the Bandits would have been said something.
        Karen is the only one who actually pokes back at the Bandits, so they really,really, had anything on Karen they would have told it. They seat around and come up with some lame stories to deflect about themselves they would have used it before now.

        1. Oh ok, my bad sis. I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. I agree with all your points. I think they should be reprimanded but I doubt Bravo or Andy will actually hold them accountable. Gizelle, Robyn, and Ashley seem to always do what they want and get away with it unfortunately.

  6. Charrisse was drunk as a skunk during that scene when she said Karen is an alcoholic. She was slurring her words and everything. I think she has a drinking problem and believes the alcohol makes her more interesting when she’s filming. It doesn’t though. She’s still sloppy and boring. I hope she gets some help.

  7. Robyn, Gazelle and Cherisse are all fake and liars. Oh and don’t forget plastic face Mia. Ashley holds secrets like she does her pee. The reason she believes her friends is because she makes up lies just like they do. Everything Karen said about Juan was true. Fake a-s Robyn didn’t want to acknowledge it on camera. And her fake friends co signed.

  8. Karen behaves like her ish dont stank. fake and boring….She overrates her own marriage and you all know this. All these ladies are a mess at the end of the day..

  9. Robyn was using Karen to deflect from juans infidelity, and I feel like she only admitted it to distract people from the fact that he involved in that lawsuit with coppin. Between the infidelity and the accusations she should have got that prenuptial air tight

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