‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: The Ladies Are Critical of Malaysia’s Departure

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” the rest of the women react to Malaysia’s departure from the show. Brandi doesn’t think it makes any sense. She feels Malaysia would have been wiser to remain on the platform while she’s preparing to face off with her ex over child support. Interestingly enough, Jackie thinks Malaysia wasn’t completely honest about why she was leaving. And Jackie thinks that Malaysia really wanted out because she didn’t want to address the tension she was having with some of the others in the group. 

Duffey and Brandi continue to have issues. As their blowups increase, Duffey now believes Brandi likes to hit below the belt during a disagreement. And she’s not sure she can take too many more of the low blows. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 17.”

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  1. Let’s be clear…
    None of these heifers are friends. ‘Friends for tv’ is what thet are.
    I look at how the dynamic has shifted and ladies started to leave because they too noticed how things were changing for the worst.
    Brandi & Jackie are the fakest two in the group. Jackie is a few french fries short of a Happy Meal. Does she act like that for real? Brandi has a nasty aura. I can’t stand her.
    I’m happy that Malaysia left because she was trying to suppress the Compton in her especially with Brandi because she betrayed her. We all watched it. And she lied to Malaysia about speaking to her ex-husband too.
    So what she doesn’t want to tell them what’s going on in her life? She shouldn’t on tv if she goes to court. And those heifers can’t/don’t respect that.
    Now that Malaysia is gone now they’re going to talk about her. Storyline…say it with me y’all.
    Are they going to do Brittish the same? No because they’re scared of her.
    Jennifer almost got them hands from Malaysia on that girl’s trip to the UK was it? Jennifer spoke on Evelyn’s daughter. Malaysia flipped the table. Oh yeah I remember. Now the foreclosure thing with Malaysia. Malaysia was a great one for sitting thru that!
    Jennifer got a beautiful Black man she’d better keep ahold on.

    1. Yours is THE best comment I have read this far! You got ’em all wrapped up nicely!

      Now it’s Brandi vs DJ Duffy. Let’s see how they plan to drag that out.

    2. So well said!!!!!!!!! Jennifer, for her not to apologize for airing out Malaysia, business very wrong she has kids you didn’t think about her kids Jennifer. I have to confess I really do like Jackie, all she wants from the ladies is to have FUN and get ALONE

  2. I agree with everything Natalie said With Malaysia gone I don’t even want to see the show anymore Malaysia should have gone off on Jennifer but it was wise of her to hold her composure brandy and Jennifer should should get fired.

  3. I Agree this show is Garbage now. Brandi is Fake , Jackie is to old to be entertaining the bull. Malaysia did right to exit , that’s class I don’t care where she is from.

  4. None of them like each OTHER’S, and all of them are fake,brandi is so jealous of how her ex bestfriend is not in her bull sh-t ,and that she has moved on,she can’t believe that she actually lost her best friend, and now that she knows that,she wanne start having beef with Duffy.

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