‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brandi & Duffey’s Issues Worsen + Jennifer & Jackie Have Tension

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Duffey and Brandi continue to have tension.

The episode begins with Brandi and Duffey continuing their argument. Duffey feels like Brandi likes to throw low blows when they are having a disagreement. She didn’t like that Brandi brought up her therapy sessions with Iman to be shady. And Brandi points out that she didn’t like it when Duffey said that she talks down to Jason. But to keep the peace, Duffey apologizes. Brandi receives it but Duffey feels the apology Brandi gave her was lackluster in comparison. 

Later during a conversation with Brooke, Brandi says that she just thinks Duffey likes to get under people’s skin with the things she says. And Brandi thinks this is dangerous. 

Jennifer rubs Jackie the wrong way.

Angel and Brittish catch up. In a vulnerable moment, Angel says that she thinks she may have postpartum depression. It’s been hard for her to deal with this while trying to get back into running her fashion business. Brittish tells her that she’s been there as well. And Angel needs to speak with her doctor so she doesn’t have to keep suffering. 

Jennifer invites the ladies to join her to a watch fashion show. She’s trying to get some ideas for her upcoming hair show that will feature her new hair line. Jackie becomes agitated after Jennifer tells her that one of the fashion designers there might help her plan the event.  She scoffs and tells Jennifer she should have asked her for advice since fashion is her lane. And she made thousands walking in shows. 

Sometime later, Jennifer makes an appearance on the runway. As she struts, she spots Jackie doing her own catwalk next to the stage. In a green screen interview, Jennifer says that Jackie thinks everything is about her. And she didn’t appreciate that Jackie wouldn’t let her have her own moment. 

Brandi and Duffey need a break. 

The tension between Jackie and Jennifer is hard not to notice for the other women. In a green screen interview, Jackie says that Jennifer has done things behind the scenes that she didn’t like. So she handles her accordingly when they film the show. As for Jennifer, she’s really confused by Jackie’s behavior. She announces that she will be working with one of the fashion designers there to plan her hair show. 

As the evening goes on, Brooke suggests that Brandi and Duffey hash out their issues. She and Jackie are worried that the friendship is in jeopardy. The conversation between them starts off calmly. However, Brandi feels like Duffey was rolling her eyes while she was speaking. So this leads to another argument. And Brandi and Duffey come to the conclusion that it would be best if they don’t speak for a while. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. They just need to cut this show cause everyone on there are drama queens every time I really don’t like it anymore

  2. I’m starting to see that Shaunie and Tami were right about Brandi. The producers shouldn’t have brought her back.

  3. Brandi is STILL a BULLY she not use to Buffy bucking back at her….she think what she say and do is the GOSPEL…WHY IS SHE BACK?????

  4. Why did they bring Brandi back??? She is a so rude and such a bully. I couldn’t stand her years ago. Plus she looks so fake now. She was pretty years ago, but today she looks like a plastic mannequin. Too much plastic surgery and she ain’t even cute!! Shaunie please fire her again!

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