‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brandi & Duffey’s Issues Worsen + Jennifer & Jackie Have Tension

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer is excited to move forward with her new business venture. She is planning a hair show for her hair line. However, Jackie doesn’t appreciate how Jennifer is moving. And she becomes offended by the fact that Jennifer didn’t ask for her help. Jackie feels like fashion is her lane. So she gets even while Jennifer models in a fashion show. 

Jennifer and Jackie aren’t the only ones who have tension. Duffey and Brandi still can’t seem to hash out their issues. They have another blowup. And this time their friendship may really be in trouble. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 18.” 

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  1. They just need to cut this show cause everyone on there are drama queens every time I really don’t like it anymore

  2. I’m starting to see that Shaunie and Tami were right about Brandi. The producers shouldn’t have brought her back.

  3. Brandi is STILL a BULLY she not use to Buffy bucking back at her….she think what she say and do is the GOSPEL…WHY IS SHE BACK?????

  4. Why did they bring Brandi back??? She is a so rude and such a bully. I couldn’t stand her years ago. Plus she looks so fake now. She was pretty years ago, but today she looks like a plastic mannequin. Too much plastic surgery and she ain’t even cute!! Shaunie please fire her again!

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