‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brandi Confronts Jackie for Her Treatment of Jennifer

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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” Duffey has had a lot of success with counseling. Although she’s been fearful of making things official with Iman, she decides her divorce will no longer scare her about her future. So she plans a trip to Mexico with the rest of the cast. And the plan is for her to propose to Iman to let him know she’s ready to be his wife now. For years, her failed marriage has made her hesitant about marrying him. 

The trip starts off smoothly as Jennifer and Jackie try their hardest not to allow their beef to ruin the good vibes. But their tension is the elephant in the room. And things only worsen after Duffey requests they confront their issues. Jackie goes all the way off on Jennifer about the confusion over her documentary. And Brandi can’t help but call Jackie out for her approach. 

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 23.”

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  1. Really don’t have to much to say cause every time you say your own opinion then it is taken a different way all I got to say is cut the show just to much

  2. Brandi has the NERVE to tell Jackie she doing too much when she the QUEEN of DOING TOO MUCH…Jennifer started the AGGRESSION by slamming her hands on the table and yelling at Jackie…Jennifer ALWAYS made my A** ITCH but this season I am gonna need a BENADRYL shot to TOLERATE her….ugh

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!! Brandi is the root of all evil😡😡
      Brandi should not have come back to the show at all.
      She’s always feeling untitled and not’s not ok!

    2. I can’t stand Jennifer she tries to talk talk and sounds like a wanna be gangster but she ain’t. She’s all talk! And yes Brandi really needs to stop with that mess! I m surprise anyone wants to side with Jennifer. Give me Jackie all day. She’s real and that’s my girl

  3. The problem with this show is the follower mindset. Every season these ladies pick one person to gang up on and they are always hypocritical to that person. It was Malaysia first and now they have switched to ganging up on Jackie. But before that it was Duffey. All this episode showed is Jennifer is allowed to get angry and call Jackie out her name. But the moment Jackie returns the energy, here goes Brandi with her bullsh-t. And Brandi is the ring leader. This show won’t be great until all these grown a-s women stop being weak a-s followers and form their own opinions for once.

    1. They are also trying to switch up the narrative like they don’t know a good bit of fans have been watching since day one. Now they want to make Jackie out to be a compulsive liar when that’s actually Jennifer. The majority of the mess Jennifer has been in over the years is because she lied about something she had no business lying about. The rest of her problems came from her snobby attitude. But now they want us to look at Jennifer like she’s some innocent lamb who’s being picked on like we didn’t just see how she did Malaysia. I can’t stand Jennifer this season. She’s the exact same person she was when she was running behind Evelyn. No growth whatsoever.

    2. I don’t like Jackie she at like she can tell ppl what to do she insert herself in everybody personal lives she ridiculous she get married every year which is very stupid she always doing the most

      1. That can literally be said about everyone on this show. And there’s nothing wrong with remarrying your spouse every year. No offense but some of you sound really unhappy on here. It’s just not that serious!

      2. I agree with you. I do not like Jackie either, I have been watching the show from the start and all she wants is attention. She is the oldest out the group and acts so ignorant especially in public. What she needs to do is take all that energy and put it towards trying to fix her problems with her estranged daughter.

  4. Brandi is a Hypocrite She didn’t have anything to say when Jennifer was doing it to Malaysia so she should sit down shut up. She also had nothing to say when she was doing it to Duffy so again sit down and shut up. And if I was Jackie I tell her off for bringing my husband entered the conversation. She got a lot of nerve so you don’t have to be outdoor outstanding because you married to us spouse get outta here brandy you are such a hypocrite I hope they cancel this show because I can’t stand seeing you. You are fired for a reason because you thought your s*** didn’t stink well it does I hope they fire you.

  5. Jackie and Jennifer’s situation is 100 percent just a misunderstanding. British and Brooke have spent the entire season instigating and passing on other people’s words and they’re getting them wrong and causing conflicts. If Jennifer wasn’t so full of herself this season, she could have received it when Jackie tried to calmly tell her she didn’t say she was a producer for the doc. But for Jennifer to be so against fighting (I actually like that about her), she has to also understand that slamming her hands down on the table and screaming at someone isn’t the best way to deescalate a situation. She is more angry at Jackie than she was at her ex husband for throwing a drink in her face on TV. It’s not that deep. And this beef is dumb.

  6. Jackie needs to be with ladies her age..She can’t light a candle next to Jennifer . Jackie get a life..

    1. I completely agree!!! There is several things wrong with Jackie 1) she was being a complete hater with the fashion show and instead of being there as a supportive friend she was there as a hater who had to make it about hey 2) The get along gang did not call hey put on it and she proceeded by saying she used to model girl bye 3) she called Jennifer a giraffe 4)gave Jennifer the worse room. Everyone had a breaking point I don’t like Jennifer but I do think that Jackie is out of line, she’s a hater and she is an instigator who is in everyone else’s business but gets pissed if you are anywhere near her business.

  7. It’s all childish, Jackie needs to shut up and stop being a bully, Jennifer stuck up butt, ugly voice needs focus on jaloni, brandy keep working on the cook book and stop caking on the makeup
    and the coolest chick on the show is Duffy and she’s the youngest wow!

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