Brandi Maxiell Calls out Jackie Christie Amid Feud with Jennifer Williams

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie are now clashing over a documentary.

Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is having a very eventful season and she’s not going to let backlash from fans change her perspective. As we reported, some fans took issue with Jennifer saying Malaysia Pargo lost her home to foreclosure. After Jennifer made the comment, Malaysia told Jackie Christie and DJ Duffey that she decided it was time for her to leave the show. So some fans accused Jennifer of taking things way too far. However, Jennifer did not agree. She said that she was just getting payback for things Malaysia has done. She’s convinced that Malaysia only brought Zell Swag around to get under her skin during filming. So she didn’t have much empathy for Malaysia’s current situation. Jennifer also said that the other women didn’t have empathy for her when she was going through things.

Now that Malaysia’s departed, Jennifer and Jackie are on bad terms. Interestingly enough, Jackie and Jennifer have different stories about what led to their issue. And Jackie said that Jennifer’s comments about her open house listing were hurtful. As for Jennifer, she said that Jackie has been doing things lowkey to “son” her. She also said that Jackie’s behavior at the fashion show and the decision to book her a deluxe hotel room are examples.

Well, things are only going to worsen between Jackie and Jennifer on the upcoming episode of “Basketball Wives.” Brittish Williams told Jennifer that Jackie informed the others that she was a producer on Jennifer’s upcoming documentary. The documentary is about Jennifer’s alleged incident with an ex. She alleged the man scammed her and stole her car.

Brandi Maxiell calls out Jackie Christie for her actions.

On the next episode, Duffey invites everyone to Mexico because she plans to surprise her boo Iman Shokuohizadeh with a surprise re-engagement party. Jennifer and Jackie end up arguing about their situation.

In the trailer, Jennifer tells Jackie, “Why are you telling these ladies that you’re a producer on my show?” Jackie responds, “I never said I was a no ******* producer! That’s a got **** lie!”

Jennifer has had enough. “Stop taking credit for my ****!” Jackie matches the energy, “You have to talk about your trash *** ****, *****!” She continues, “Bring your *** on!”

The rest of the ladies pull Jackie and Jennifer away from each other so things don’t escalate further. And Brandi Maxiell has some words for Jackie.

“You’re really doing too much and you call yourself a **** coach’s wife?!”


  1. They are doing the most on here please cancel this show I really don’t like it anymore just to much he says she says sh-t on here


    2. U r so rite, I have been watching this show since it started and the ladies have gotten on my last nerve,all the ladies r really gorgeous so why is there so much BS between them,I love to c my ppl shine,but these ladies leave me Sad every week,why can’t they come together to do good things for their ppl,do some good for our youth,do some volunteer work for the sick n their area,just do something besides digging each other😢

    3. I totally agree, this horrible behavior makes women of color look so lowlife. It portrays us of doing nothing but eat, drink, argue and fight. The sad thing about it is some of these women are married to men that you do not see behaving badly in public. I know I would be ashamed of my other half showing no class like they do.

  2. Brandi is only siding with Jennifer because of what Jenn said about Malaysia. Jackie IS a coach’s wife. And the only BASKETBALL WIFE there. If Brandi’s husband treated her as well as Doug treats Jackie, Brandi wouldn’t be so insufferable now. Jackie is doing the most because she’s desperately trying to save this boring session. She’s wrong yes but these women aren’t giving us good tv.

    1. Jackie is still out of pocket though. Coach’s wife or not! At some point Jackie needs to be the wife she’s trying to convince everyone she is. She’s a liar, she’s a s*** starter and she’s messy. She’s too old for all of that. Jealousy doesn’t look good on no one. She needs to stop

      1. Everyone on Basketball Wives is a liar, sh*t starter, and messy. So I’m not sure why Jackie is being singled out. And Jackie is an excellent wife which is why her husband happily remarries her every year. Take care.


      1. No Jennifer does not! You Jennifer fans really need to stop lying on here! In Jennifer’s spare time, she’s being conned by some new man! Boring with nothing going on outside of quick relationships with scammers and thugs! Jackie actually has a real life to show!

        1. You’re right, and most of the mess starts because the other ladies/girls go right back and tell what was said during conversation, now that’s MESSY!

  3. Sorry just can’t watch anymore 👎to much drama no one has respect for each other.
    Jackie tries to hard to make everyone come together at the wrong times…and if your not team Jackie you better look out because she will come for you. Also I think she is soooooooo jealous of Jennifer. FACTS

    1. Yeah, no. No one is jealous of Jennifer. She’s a pretty woman but she’s a big loser, too. I’ll take Jackie an actual basketball wife with money vs Jennifer’s wanna be a-s.

      1. It’s truly one of the most delusional takes I’ve seen from Basketball Wives fans. Ain’t nobody jealous of Jennifer. 🤣

        1. I don’t think it’s jealousy. I think that she is trying to impress Jennifer or show her I can do business as well.

    2. Jennifer is in her 40s with a track record of dating criminals and con artists. Sis really made a whole documentary about being scammed by a man she slept with. I can assure you Jackie is not jealous of her. I think Jackie thinks Jennifer is a clown and treats her accordingly. People only like Jennifer because she’s pretty and wears designer labels. She has no substance though.

      1. I LIKE Jen because of who she is her looks and labels dont mean nothing to me saying something like that sounds so juvenile and pathetic. To mean Jackie is envy of JEN because JEN dont now down to her she call Jackie for what she is an over grown sicken lonely miserable chick. Jackie should just now out gracefully and kick rocks leave the show. They dont want you no more. Bye

    3. Jackie is a loyal friend to Malaysia and if you noticed Jackie was calling Jennifer out at the table that day to get it out in the open because Jennifer was telling the other ladies about her losing her house and Jackie did not like that. After Malaysia left Jackie has been coming for Jennifer at every corner because Jackie is mad at Jennifer for the stuff she was saying about Malaysia. Just like Brandi did not like Duffy for being friends with Malaysia. Brandi wanted all the ladies to turn against her, because Malaysia was her storyline now Duffy is her storyline. She switched up because she boring and nobody cares about her cheating husband, been there, seen it on Iyanka and we all has the T-shirt.

  4. Honey say it a little louder cause they didn’t here you I am am with you honey yes 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  5. Brandi is the most annoying Basketball Wives of all time. I can’t do it anymore. Get her out of here bro.

  6. Idk why everyone hates Jennifer she has a lot to offer just because Jackie is a wife don’t mean anything she’s a sh-t starter and that’s that I’ll deal with Jennifer before Jackie any day

  7. I like Duffy… Jackie needs to sit her old a-s down, before the show finds Doug’s other women surfacing, Brandi Husband is in Dallas,not trying to be around her, Jennifer want to be better than everybody a-s, need to Leave, British need to mind the business of the ankle monitor and go see her baby, Brooke need to go see a ENT Doctor about the way she talks and wines all at the same time…Honestly Angel should have not came back this season…First of all Depression is serious and not for show or to be played with …. I’m not saying hide your depression I’m saying it’s not for a messy reality show like BBW, secondly her daughter is really sick and need more that one opinion about those headaches, Angel should be focusing on her and her daughter health and well being…she don’t need the show for money…Now Did I leave anybody out

  8. Everyone likes who they like for different reasons, but ya’ll make excuses for their bad behavior. Jennifer has been the same boujie Jennifer since the beginning, and it rubs some of the ladies the wrong way. Her boujieness ( if that’s a word) has caused them to try to bully her as well. They were complaining about her not sticking up for herself, now complaining that she does. Brandy has been the mean girl this season, but I was glad that she stood up to Jackie. She has been picking all season. Yeah she is married, but take a closer look at her marriage. Read about “crazy Jackie.” Lol

    1. But you just made excuses for Jennifer’s bad behavior. She’s classist/elitist. Jennifer does not like poor people. She made fun of Tami being on food stamps when she was Evelyn’s BFF. Her disgusting reaction to having a deluxe hotel room like people aren’t out here struggling was gross as well. If anything more excuses are made for Jennifer. That “crazy Jackie” stuff was never a secret and Jackie acted that way while Doug was in the NBA. Shaunie literally told y’all that’s why she was hired. What closer look do we need at her marriage? Players, coaches, groupies, and wives said Doug doesn’t cheat. Y’all been wishing for tea for decades now. It’s sounding a lot like jealousy.

      1. When did I make an excuse for Jennifer? She gets on my nerves too. In my opinion Jackie is picking at her. Although her response to the room was over the top, Jackie did that on purpose! Come on now, everyone had a suite but Jennifer? And jealous? Of who? Kml!!! If I have to go to that extreme of keeping my spouse faithful, no thank you! And who says is has been? He may have never gotten caught. Chyy bye!

        1. Idk sis you saying Jennifer has always been bougie sounded like you were defending it. But if you weren’t, you weren’t. You’re assuming Jackie did it on purpose but Brooke was given a deluxe room as well. She didn’t act a fool because it’s not like that hotel was a 5 star joint. It was a 3 star hotel. A good bit of you are jealous of Jackie. Look at you downplaying his faithfulness. You’re going as far as to insist he’s not faithful when you have no proof of anything. That is jealousy. Y’all can’t wrap your minds around the fact that Jackie is the one who managed to have a solid marriage without having the “small waist” Jennifer said Jackie lacks.

        2. Jennifer picked on Malaysia now Jackie’s picking on her lol. Someone pointed this out to me and I see it now!

  9. Jackie is no friend to no one. Did y’all forget when Malaysia and jJackie was about to fight at the skate party. All of them are messy and I agree cancel the show it terrible.

  10. I feel like this season of BBW is a sh-t show. Brandi just do to much,Jennifer acting all bad now that Tami and Evelyn are gone. Malaysia ,Jackie and Duffy was my only reason for watching. Now that Malaysia is gone .It’s just not for me..I am not feeling this show at all anymore.

  11. Why do y’all watch the show if you don’t like it? I mean, it’s ratchet TV so we already know what it’s going to be like.

    1. I watch the show because I can. Apparently, you can’t efend the show, that your response is why do you watch it then. If you can’t handle criticism, don’t post an opinion that you want people to respect, if you can’t respect the opinion of others.

  12. This show is disgusting. Anyone defending Jackie Christie must be as thuggish as she is. I would be embarassed if I were Doug Christie. His wife is an embarrassment. For the person saying her marriage is great because she and Doug renew their vows yearly, I say, it’s all for show, or what an insecure woman does to try to convince herself and others her marriage is great.
    After watching Doug on the show last week, he looks like someone who’s childhood must have been absent of nurturing.
    He doesnt seem to be all there to me. The show has lost its luster, and all the women on the show should lose some weight.

      1. Nah, miserable people like you don’t require much effort. I’m glad you’ll seek the help you clearly need though.

    1. I agree with Dadia, Jackie is bi-polar or something. She is fake as f-ck. She is always seeking validation. Example: I was a model, I am a producer, etc. etc. If she is not the focus of everyone’s attention, she becomes hostile towards the one that is getting the attention. Jen is the passive aggressive version of Jackie. She is also desperate and needs validation. No one with real class and a real fashion sense needs designer labels showing all the time. When someone has true style, you don’t know who designed the outfit, because style is not something you can buy off a rack. Brandi is miserable and bitter. British is messy, but not in a vindictive way. She is young and bored. DJ Duffy is the only real one on the show. Brooke needs to go and get some of that silicone removed outta her whiny a-s. She looks deformed. Angel is sweet, but she is out of her element. None of them are role models. They do nothing to lift up the community. No volunteer work. No youth outreach. Maybe they would not be so fucking miserable if they devoted at least a fraction of their time to their children and others who are less fortunate. I use to find it entertaining when Yvelyn and Tami were in the cast. At Least it has some comedy relief. Now its only a grudge match.

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