RHOA Recap: Sheree’s New Boo Has Baggage + Kandi Nearly Comes to Blows with New Friend

Photo Credit: Bravo

On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree is ready to debut her new boo to the group. She’s enjoying her time with Martell. However, he doesn’t have a good reputation. And Kandi and Kenya have heard rumors about him messing around with other women in Atlanta. As for Martell, he’s already not feeling Kandi. She did a couple of interviews and said that she thinks he’s just dating Sheree for attention. So Martell claps back by calling Todd an opportunist. 

Interestingly enough, Kenya also recalls receiving a DM from Martell prior to him linking up with Sheree. 

Drama also follows Sheree’s friend Courtney as she makes her own debut in the group. She causes drama at Ross’ party after she attempts to confront Kandi about some gossip she heard. And this leads to the two women nearly coming to blows. 

Here’s a recap for, “Who’s Gonna Check My New Boo?”

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  1. Sheree is the raggediest real housewife I’ve ever seen. And she brings this show down to the gutter even more than Marlo.

    1. Sheree is another Jennifer Williams. She has higher standards for her physical appearance than the men she sleeps with. She’s not a Ferarri, she’s a hooptie. All she brings to RHOA are felons, abusers, embarrassment and struggle.

      1. Too funny but it’s the truth. It’s said that these woman have such high standards but when it comes to men, they don’t see nor know their worth. Yet they can try to blast everyone else. GreaT entertainment walker. The new young lady who was over Sheree’s house is so thirsty. I’m glad kandi realized how much she had to lose and didn’t head butt that chick. She definitely isn’t worth it. She was so lame looking for that weak story line. Kandi said she she didn’t know you. “ She said what she said”. 😂😂

      2. I wonder do they think about their kids watching all the drama from their Mom’s
        They are not teaching our Young ladies how to be grown and successful. Seems like everyone loves Drama in their lives

    2. I think Sheree and Martell are clowns and they should keep their circus away from RHOA. I really miss Nene.

  2. Sheree’s friends (Martell and Courtney) are just as slow and desperate as she is. They can all go. Carlos needs to keep his ghetto ghost-producing ways over at OWN. This is Bravo sir.

  3. Ratings have been sinking since Sheree was brought back. She’s been faking storylines for years and it’s turned a lot of fans off.

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