RHOA Recap: Kenya & Sheree Agree to Disagree About Martell + Drew Returns

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Kenya and Martell clash. 

The drama continues between Kandi and Sheree’s friend Courtney. After they get in each other’s faces, they are separated. Kandi doesn’t like that Sanya didn’t give her a heads-up about Courtney having an issue with her. She later tells the ladies that Courtney was very aggressive to her upon their meeting. Sanya agrees that Courtney did way too much. 

Sheree and Martell address the gossip head-on. Martell confirms he was messing around with another woman in Atlanta but cut her off for Sheree. And Martell and Kenya clash over the DM accusations. Kenya and Kandi both say that Martell DM’d Kenya but he deleted the message before Kenya could accept it. At first, Martell denies ever DM’ing Kenya. But then he pulls up his messages to see he sent her a DM two years ago. He thanked her for the kind words she had about him during an interview.

This angers Sheree and Martell. Both accuse Kenya and the others of being messy.

Regardless, Kenya goes off on Martell for using profanity with her. She tells Sheree that he’s a Bob clone.

Sanya makes a revelation about Courtney. 

Drew is back. She updates the producers about her marriage. Ralph and Drew are in a much better place. And making music together has really made them closer. 

As of late, Drew has been busy trying to adjust to her father’s health issues. He has dementia and currently lives in a retirement home. So it’s been really hard for Drew to emotionally process it all.

Sanya and Kandi catch up. They discuss Courtney’s behavior at Aaron’s birthday party. Sanya tells Kandi that prior to the drama, Courtney had a lot to say to her and Sheree. And she said that Kandi invited her social media followers to an event and the establishment had a “ghetto” crowd for two weeks because of the post.

Kandi asks Sanya what she said to defend her when Courtney said this. Sanya says she told Courtney she needs to go to Kandi directly about her issue. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she is paying attention to the fact that Sanya didn’t defend her. 

Sheree and Kenya just can’t get on the same page.

Kandi and Todd visit Blaze Steak & Seafood to go over the new menu items. Their chef and Kandi’s cousin Melvin is there to walk them through it. A producer comes out to ask the couple if they are going to address the elephant in the room. The elephant in question is the shooting that took place there. Melvin was shot. In a green screen interview, Kandi says a former employee came to the restaurant drunk. And they shot Melvin during an argument that took place outside of the venue. 

Kenya and Sheree discuss the drama that took place during Aaron’s birthday party. Sheree says it was wrong for Kenya to accuse Martell of being aggressive during their blowup. And she feels as if Kenya ha s a pattern of doing this to black men. As for Kenya, the thinks it’s awful that Sheree is downplaying her feelings as another woman. But they will just have to agree to disagree. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 


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  1. Kenya wants to get in a MAN face like she gonna beat his A** ….Women like her DEMANDS respect for her DISRESPECT…My WIFE or SISTERS would NEVER get up in a MAN’S face like that…Kenya has been doing that for years…She FAR from a BEAUTIFUL queen she AGING and it shows…

  2. I think Kenya was spot on with the Bob comparison. Sheree just isn’t fun to watch. I do not enjoy watching weak black women who have awful taste in men. There’s enough of that on television already. It’s gotten boring.

  3. All I’m going to say is there have definitely been multiple occasions where Kenya was the problem. This is NOT one of those situations. Martell had a defensive disrespectful energy from jump. And the fact that Sheree was more disappointed in Kenya than Martell who doesn’t even claim her like that…smh…gross…

    1. You said it better than I was going to. Y’all know I can’t stand Kenya but she was not wrong in this situation. Martell was disrespectful first and he’s always bucking at women like he’s two seconds from swinging on them. Sheree is a loser. There was no reason to bring her back.

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