RHOA Recap: Kenya & Sheree Agree to Disagree About Martell + Drew Returns

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi finds out Sheree’s friend Courtney said a lot more about her before their confrontation. Turns out she blamed Kandi for bringing the “ghetto” crowd to a popular establishment. Although Kandi is fed up with Courtney’s actions, she also isn’t liking that Sanya didn’t defend her even though they have been spending a lot of time together. 

Kenya’s accusations about Martell rub him and Sheree the wrong way. They really don’t like it after Kenya accuses Martell of talking to her aggressively. Regardless, Kenya stands her ground. And she says that Martell is awful and Sheree should have stayed away due to how he treated his ex-wife. 

Plus, Drew makes her return. Things are going well with Ralph. And she says that music saved their marriage. 

Here’s a recap for, “Sisters Before Misters.”

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  1. Kenya wants to get in a MAN face like she gonna beat his A** ….Women like her DEMANDS respect for her DISRESPECT…My WIFE or SISTERS would NEVER get up in a MAN’S face like that…Kenya has been doing that for years…She FAR from a BEAUTIFUL queen she AGING and it shows…

  2. I think Kenya was spot on with the Bob comparison. Sheree just isn’t fun to watch. I do not enjoy watching weak black women who have awful taste in men. There’s enough of that on television already. It’s gotten boring.

  3. All I’m going to say is there have definitely been multiple occasions where Kenya was the problem. This is NOT one of those situations. Martell had a defensive disrespectful energy from jump. And the fact that Sheree was more disappointed in Kenya than Martell who doesn’t even claim her like that…smh…gross…

    1. You said it better than I was going to. Y’all know I can’t stand Kenya but she was not wrong in this situation. Martell was disrespectful first and he’s always bucking at women like he’s two seconds from swinging on them. Sheree is a loser. There was no reason to bring her back.

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