LAMH Recap: LaTisha Calls out Tiffany + Martell is Offended by Tiffany’s Treatment of Sheree

LAMH Season 6 Episode 7 Sheree
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Martell’s magazine cover release party serves as host to a pair of tense conversations involving Tiffany.

First, Stormi pulled Tiffany and Keke aside for a chance to once again hash things out and move forward. But after a text message was revealed Tiffany sent Keke, LaTisha’s brought in to help clear things up. However, that seemingly failed when LaTisha confronts Tiffany about things said regarding her business and marriage.

Melody did bring these ladies together in an attempt to hash things out between Keke and Tiffany. However, Keke did bring up the text message Tiffany sent to Keke.

Next, Tiffany pulls aside Sheree at the event and she had plenty of questions about her relationship with Martell. She asks if Sheree feels Martell has feelings for Melody still and if she believes Martell won’t cheat on her.

Here’s the recap for, “My Shereé Amour.”

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  1. Is it me or did I notice Sheree fly out to Martello event and had to stay at a hotel. If they are dating why couldn’t she stay at his home he has a big enough house with other empty rooms. Yup this seems like a story line to me.

    That line of questioning that Tiffany was doing was so intrusive and disrespectful.

    1. I totally agree if they are dating and supposedly have been for sometime. Why is she staying at a hotel and for Tiffany she needs to mind her damn business that was none of her business although I’m not a big fan of Sheree but Tiffany somebody need to light Tiffany busy body ass up. I was glad when Sheree said to her you that she watches the show and she/ Taffany cheated, 🤣didn’t you cheat on your past husband or affair, that was a good one. it was a good clap back she couldn’t say anything.

  2. PRODUCERS use Tiffany dumb a^^ she was going down the WRONG ROAD THE WRONG ROAD (in my Porsha voice) messing with Sheree …There is NO CHEMISTRY between Martell and Sheree we NOT BUYING IT!!!!!

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