LAMH Recap: LaTisha Calls out Tiffany + Martell is Offended by Tiffany’s Treatment of Sheree

LAMH Season 6 Episode 7
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Martell’s excited about his magazine cover reveal party.

We first see Martell checking out the event space for his Upscale Magazine cover reveal party. His “friend girl” Sheree Whitfield will be there. He tells the space’s event planner that the magazine cover is a big deal. However, he’s nervous because he knows people will be nosey and ask Sheree about their relationship. But he isn’t complaining about that or anything right now as he feels everything is “perfect.”

Meanwhile, Melody is at home and invites Nail, Keke, and Tiffany over to talk and recap the tea party. Keke and Tiffany commit to moving forward as they do their best to listen to one another.

Tiffany notices that Melody is glowing and suspects she’s seeing a man who is making her happy.

LaTisha hears Tiffany has been talking about her business and marriage.

Later in the evening, Kimmi and LaTisha go out to have dinner and drinks with Stormi. When Stormi arrives, they recap the spa day and Melody’s tea party. Kimmi tells them she feels the event feels short because of the conduct. To further stir it, LaTisha reveals a tweet that Keke posted as a way for Keke to show Tiffany and her were friends. Stormi thinks Tiffany lied about their friendship.

Stormi then brings up a conversation she had with Tiffany. She claims Tiffany said LaTisha only owns Scholt on paper and can’t control Marsau. In her interview, LaTisha says Tiffany shouldn’t be throwing stones in glass houses as Tiffany has negative rumors about her marriage.

It’s the night of Marsau’s magazine reveal party. Martell’s guests are showing up and the event is packed. Stormi pulls Tiffany aside to chat when Keke joins them. Stormi still feels skeptical about Tiffany. She brings up the text message LaTisha told her that Tiffany sent Keke. Tiffany tries to explain why she sent the tweet screenshot to Keke but Stormi doesn’t believe her.

Keke and Tiffany attempt to hash things out once more.

Stormi successfully talks the ladies into hashing things out. LaTisha says it’s not that serious and they got off on the wrong foot. But this leads LaTisha to bring up what she feels is a big deal; Tiffany speaking about her business and marriage. Tiffany says that Marsau shouldn’t have kicked her out of the office.

Keke then calls Tiffany out and accuses her of being unstable. It’s at this point LaTisha pulls Keke away before things escalate even further.

Eventually, the man of the hour appears with his woman by his side. Everyone is impressed with them both but Kimmi and Maurice point out that Martell and Sheree “appear to be a business relationship.”

Kimmi points out how Melody and Martell would work the room together, opposite of how Martell and Sheree are now.

Tiffany grills Sheree about Melody and Martell.

After his speech, Martell greets his guests and seemingly ignores Sheree. Meanwhile, Marsau makes jokes about the airbrushing of the cover.

It’s at this point, Tiffany pulls Sheree aside to ask her tough questions.

Tiffany asks if she met Melody and she brings up the one time she met her in Birmingham at a book signing. Sheree says Melody came over for a picture. However, Sheree does say she’s been around their children.

Things get tense when Tiffany asks if she feels Martell still has feelings for Melody. Sheree says she doesn’t see it. However, Tiffany feels it’s obvious and everyone sees it. Kimmi witnesses the conversation and suspects the conversation could turn left and ruin Martell’s party.

When Tiffany brings up Martell’s cheating past, Sheree says Tiffany cheated too, and that everyone has a past.

Sheree tells Martell about Tiffany’s questioning.

The next day, Martell’s at home studying for his home builder’s license when Sheree stops by. They talk about the party. After this, Sheree asks Martell about his mindset about marriage at this point. In his interview, Martell says he sees qualities in Sheree that make her marriage material. However, he confirms that he’s taking things slow.

Next, Sheree brings up how Tiffany questioned her at the party, including asking if Martell still had feelings for Melody.

Martell jumps back into his chair and says no. Sheree points out how Martell followed Melody outside when she left Kimmi’s party but Martell plays it down.

In the end, Martell says Tiffany should close her mouth and not question his date. Overall, Sheree runs down all the questions Tiffany asked her which rubs Martell the wrong way.

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  1. Is it me or did I notice Sheree fly out to Martello event and had to stay at a hotel. If they are dating why couldn’t she stay at his home he has a big enough house with other empty rooms. Yup this seems like a story line to me.

    That line of questioning that Tiffany was doing was so intrusive and disrespectful.

    1. I totally agree if they are dating and supposedly have been for sometime. Why is she staying at a hotel and for Tiffany she needs to mind her damn business that was none of her business although I’m not a big fan of Sheree but Tiffany somebody need to light Tiffany busy body ass up. I was glad when Sheree said to her you that she watches the show and she/ Taffany cheated, 🤣didn’t you cheat on your past husband or affair, that was a good one. it was a good clap back she couldn’t say anything.

  2. PRODUCERS use Tiffany dumb a^^ she was going down the WRONG ROAD THE WRONG ROAD (in my Porsha voice) messing with Sheree …There is NO CHEMISTRY between Martell and Sheree we NOT BUYING IT!!!!!

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