‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Puma & Teddy Hash Things Out + Rok Calls out Krystal for Shop Drama

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Krystal and Rok’s breakup leads to more tension in their business relationship. 

Puma tells Quani that it’s been stressful trying to get everyone on board about moving the show forward without Ceaser. Meanwhile, Teddy and Spyder meet up so concerns can be addressed. Spyder wants to remain loyal to Ceaser and Teddy, so he doesn’t want to move on with Puma’s new shop idea. Instead, Spyder will continue to work at the Black Ink Brooklyn shop. And Teddy is still upset that Puma said they should put their new shop in a more upscale area instead of the hood. 

Krystal and Rok celebrate the one-year anniversary of their Gods of Ink shop. Things go left after Rok realizes that Krystal brought a date named Danny there. Rok and Danny get into it because Rok thinks it’s disrespectful for Krystal to bring him when they were engaged recently. 

Vanity and Krystal talk about the drama that went down at the Gods of Ink anniversary party. Krystal thinks Rok overreacted. She’s moved on and she thinks he should do the same.

Since Krystal has seemingly moved on from the relationship, Alex introduces Rok to two female artists he can get to know. However, Rok struggles and Alex thinks he doesn’t have enough “game” to meet new women just yet. 

Rok, Krystal, Teddy, and Puma put business first. 

Teddy opens up about his past. He reveals he caught a felony when he was 19 years old. There was a shootout on his block. He hid drugs in his house. And he took the charge once they brought his mother in for questioning. He had to spend 8 months in prison. And it’s something that has prevented him from doing things because it’s still on his record. He can’t even own a business, so Ceaser has to own all of the shops. He learns that there are things he can do to have his record expunged since he hasn’t been in any trouble for years. 

Rok and Krystal attempt to talk about what occurred at the Gods of Ink anniversary party. To no surprise, it doesn’t take long for it to go left. However, Krystal realizes that she wouldn’t like it if Rok came to the shop with another woman. So she agrees that they won’t bring dates around. This will keep their business relationship successful. 

Teddy and Puma finally hash things. Puma accepts that he will have to listen to Teddy more if they are going to have a successful partnership. And it’s important for them to do everything possible to keep the legacy alive. 

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