LAMH Recap: Martell & Marsau Confront Tiffany + LaTisha Issues a Warning to Tiffany

LAMH Season 7 Episode 8 Tiffany Whitlow
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Martell, with the help of Marsau, sets out to confront Tiffany. This is after Tiffany questioned Sheree regarding her relationship with Martell. Both Martell and Marsau take shots at Tiffany and Martell tells Tiffany he’s going to Louis about this.

Meanwhile, Louis wants Tiffany to take it easy as her pregnancy progresses. However, Tiffany’s feeling unsure about stepping away from work.

Next, Kimmi puts her foot down about Monster doing his chores and Maurice backing her up.

Lastly, LaTisha still feels a kind of way about Tiffany speaking about her marriage, and Melody’s hopeful Keke and Tiffany can move forward.

Here’s the recap for, “Selec-Tiff Memory.”

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  1. H-ll must have frozen over because I understand why Martell decided to confront her during that meeting. I cannot even believe that I am saying this but Martell maintained his cool – he didn’t raise his voice or banged on the table. He didn’t Marsau but my guess is that his feelings were still raw after talking to Sheree. Regardless of whether the relationship is fake or not, Tiffany was out of pocket… Mel didn’t send her.

    I guess Tiffany is determined to keep that check … chile

  2. I never comment but I CANNOT STAND TIFFANY OR HER DUMB *** HUSBAND! They ar stour typical really drama starters! Gotta have a story line because there lives are SORRY AND BORING AND LOVELESS! Mind your own business “advocate”! That was a funny one!!!! I might quit watching the show if she’s not kicked off!!!

    1. took the words right out of my mouth… Tiffany and the husband are miserable. I stopped watching the show last year but I watch clips on Social media now. I will stop watching the clips if they stay with the fake narratives.

      I liked Monique Samuels on her 1st season of RHOP but as I followed her on Social Media and saw more about on her on subsequent seasons, I stopped being a fan so it’s possible that Mel was Sheree’s fan but she is not now.

      Tiffany is too miserable.

    2. Tiffany has a bad habit of talking about everyone’s business but theirs. That marriage is hanging on by a thread. Tiffany is not that in love with Lou and it shows, although she
      was the one that proposed to him at a game, it all a part of her plan. Lou is an ex jock
      and have a few dollars and Tiffany knows a child is support for the next 22 yrs. She’s
      definitely not that into Lou and we all see it. Tiffany talk about your marriage because
      everything is not honkydonky all the time, stop with the BS. You ran so quickly when that Dr. was calling you out on your needy, controlling, manipulating your husband and
      etc you ran away so quickly and next we know you pregnant. Lou didn’t want another child because he wasn’t getting no sexual healing at all. Stop lying, a man is not going to lie e about not having sex with his wife. Tiffany always has another agenda besides the one she’s telling you about

    3. I AGREE! Someone like KeKe and & Tisha and maybe Sheree’ need to jump in her business. At least Miss Wanda thought she was protecting her daughter but Tiffany has no business confronting anyone about their lives. I remember when Tiffany& Louis went on couple’s retreat, she didn’t like it when the doctor confronted them and they left retreat. She can throw it out there but she can’t take it! Girl, bye… if you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen

  3. Tiffany is trying to remain relevant. She takes it upon herself to meddle in others situations for no reason at all. All of her activities involve meddling in situations that have Nothing to do with her. She has no close relationships on the show which makes it difficult to understand why she has an opinion at all. She came to the show spreading gossip about “Monster”. Why aren’t they filming at her house. Where is her kid. She and Louis are faking the funk. She is a business woman trying to make a buck under false pretenses. If anything Louis interacts better with the guys. We see nothing really personal about their family dynamics at home. Look how much Stormy has revealed about herself. We still don’t know very much about Tiffany and Louis. They need to open up at home or be fired.

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