RHOA Recap: Kenya & Marlo Have Another Blowup During the Latest Cast Trip

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya and the group head to Alabama for her halftime performance at the Magic City Classic. Kandi isn’t able to attend because she had prior obligations and Drew is a no-show because of an illness. So Kenya does her best to enjoy her trip without one of her closest friends. Unfortunately, she’s not able to maintain good vibes thanks to her ongoing tension with Marlo. And things really heat up after Kenya feels as if Marlo crossed the line while her daughter was sleeping. 

Plus, Marlo isn’t ready to move on from her issues with Kandi. She still believes Kandi didn’t do enough to acknowledge her nephew’s death. 

Here’s a recap for, “The Buck Stops in Birmingham.”

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  1. Atlanta Housewives is WEAK….Everyone on there time has passed, everything seems do fake. Marlo has added NOTHING to the show. Marlo does better as a friend because you didn’t get to see her as much. Marlo is going too much. The show had ran its course. It’s dead it needs to be buried,

  2. I agree with Dee. As much as I like Kandi and Kenya, I believe the show is folding or it needs an overhaul. Bravo has allowed Marlo to bring the show down to a ghetto level. She was better as a friend. As a main character, she is coming across as entitled.

    Everything does seem to be rehearsed. Marlo needs psychiatric help. She says therapy helps but I can’t tell. It’s even uncomfortable watching her with her nephews. It’s like she’s using them when they don’t want to be used.

    Reality TV may not be here to stay. The shows are losing across the board. I guess you’re getting the message from somewhere that people want to see conflict and fighting. Maybe, that is the majority of your audience. I think that business before pleasure should be the aim. Who’s actually showing their business side but Kandi, Kenya and now Sanya. Drew is slowly coming around but her marriage is a mess. She’s married to an abuser too. Sheree, you’re so busy focusing on Kandi when Kandi makes money off of everything you say and do. You ought to try it. I believe you deserve greatness but you won’t get it hanging around miserable Marlo. The new woman who wants to buck up is going to get knocked out. Monyetta, who use to be married to Neo has a story to tell. Also, I did not know that she was a choreographer. Focus on that!

    The show has to change and the change has to begin with getting rid of Marlo. You went from an 8 or 9 to a 5 or 6.

    1. RHOA is flopping because of Marlo ‘The Ho” Get that heifer off then show and maybe they can get their ratings back. I stop watching bc of her and None bad behavior. Woman go back prostituting those white old men and get off TV. You nasty as H-LL!!!!

  3. I agree whole heartedly with the evolution of reality tv running its course. I think with the world in such an agigitatated state, people want an escape from madness and reality and reality tv ain’t it no more. Scripted, be it fictional or non fictional has become appreciated and desired again. It is also a slap in the face to true actors that their industry is being infiltrated by laymen and idiots.

    The entire Housewives franchise has flat-lined, let’s move on.

    Lastly, Marlo was lifeless as a friend and never embodied any elements of an media influencer. Who would aspire or try to ascertain anything she represents?

    Sheree is so unintelligent and hard to watch on screen, she also has nothing to offer the show.

    Sanya lacks integrity on so many levels, she is the posterchild for self-centeredness and that’s coming from her mom and sister. This woman has no loyalty to anyone, a friend not indeed.

    Courtney, please go back to the rock you climbed from under.

    Kandi needs to leave the show before it ruins her marriage. She has enough projects, she won’t miss RHOA’s money.

    Kenya and Drew will land somewhere, they are both hustlers.

    Monyette, can’t say much on her behalf too new to the franchise.

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