LAMH Recap: Louis Confronts Martell and Marsau + Tiffany Has a Scare

LAMH Season 6 Episode 9 Louis
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Tiffany’s baby shower plays host to Louis confronting Marsau and Martell. This is after Tiffany tells Louis about Marsau and Martell confronting Tiffany over the questions she asked Sheree.

Louis did not like how the gentlemen confronted Tiffany before speaking to him about Tiffany’s questioning of Sheree. And unfortunately for Tiffany, she ends up having a scare at the baby shower.

Meanwhile, Kimmi’s treatment is progressing. With the treatment’s side effects, she’s concerned about the treatment’s effect on her libido and quality time in the bedroom. She doesn’t want this to lead to Maurice seeking out other women.

Here’s the recap for, “Ready to Popp (Off).”

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  1. Kimmi can’t worry about Maurice. If he’s going to step outside of his marriage, he was going to do that anyway.

    As for Tiffany and Louis! Lord help Tiffany! Even pregnant, she is a mess starter. She is totally out of pocket and it doesn’t seem real that someone would do what she did in asking those questions of Sheree. She is messy and that’s why she’s having a dizzy spell during next week’s show. God bless her and keep their baby and her healthy and safe but please work on Tiffany’s mental state of being.

    It is unbelievable that a woman could be that messy. It shows that she’s hiding a lot and she’s one miserable person and she’s a liar. Marsua did not know that Martell invited Tiffany. She painted the picture to Luis as if they both planned it. This woman is so delusional that she needs psychiatric help. I’m starting to believe that she does have an identity crisis and as a result she is a hurt person hurting others.

    God Bless Them!

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