LAMH Recap: Louis Confronts Martell and Marsau + Tiffany Has a Scare

LAMH Season 6 Episode 9 Martell
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Marsau and Tiffany vent to their spouses.

Tonight’s episode begins with LaTisha and Marsau preparing to move. It’s going to be another two to three years to move into LaTisha’s dream home. So, they are going to renovate their current place and LaTisha’s packing up to move to an apartment so renovations can begin.

Marsau interrupts the packing to tell LaTisha about his confrontation with Tiffany at Blaque. He tells LaTisha the questions Tiffany asked Sheree. LaTisha brings up that Tiffany cheated on her first husband and Marsau calls her a habitual line stepper.

Meanwhile, Tiffany arrives home and tells Louis how Martell and Marsau confronted her about the questioning.

Back at the Scotts, Marsau says Tiffany deserved to be questioned. And he stands by calling her a “Karen”. When Tiffany tells Louis about the Karen comment, Louis gets frustrated and says he will talk to both of them about it. In fact, Louis says they had no right to confront Tiffany about what she said to a woman. He specifically doesn’t appreciate Tiffany being confronted by Marsau and Martell could’ve called him.

LaTisha mentions Tiffany’s baby shower and Marsau tells LaTisha that it will get messy.

Kimmi’s concerned about decreased drive in the bedroom.

The next day, Kimmi and Maurice left a doctor’s appointment. Kimmi was cleared for the next part of her cancer treatment. While on the way home, They talk about how Kimmi’s hair growth and the lack of s-x drive. In fact, Kimmi tells Maurice her libido has decreased dramatically since starting the chemotherapy.

Maurice is surprised to hear Kimmi’s drive decreased. Kimmi lets him know she only did it for him and she wasn’t in the mood the times they did. Maurice tells Kimmi that she can tell him that she isn’t in the mood for s-x.

The next day, Kimmi meets with her friend Andrea for drinks. Andrea lets Kimmi know she has her realtor license. While out, Kimmi tells Andrea about her deceased libido. She tells Andrea that Maurice is okay with it and will allow Kimmi to initiate.

Kimmi also tells Andrea that she isn’t getting pleasure from it and fakes it for his benefit. Lastly, she doesn’t feel attractive because of the treatment which is also affecting her drive.

Melody isn’t interested in discussing or being around Martell.

Next, it’s time for Tiffany’s baby shower and all of her guests arrive. Her friends spent plenty of time planning this event. While the event goes on, LaTisha reveals Marsau isn’t feeling Tiffany in light of the confrontation and may not show up. She then reveals the questions asked, including if Sheree felt her ****** was good enough to keep Martell. This shocks the rest of the cast as Melody arrives. When Melody has a seat at the table with the cast, LaTisha asks if talking about it will make Melody uncomfortable. Melody says no and they dive right into the question.

Melody uses this moment to walk away. When she returns, they talk about Sheree supposedly calling Melody a fan. Melody explains she was at the event in Birmingham as a speaker.

Later on, Marsau arrives with Martell. Melody doesn’t want to be anywhere near Martell right now so she decides to leave.

Louis confronts Marsau and Martell.

It’s at this point Marsau and Maurice take Louis outside to talk about Tiffany. Louis tells them Tiffany came home feeling some type of way about being confronted about the questioning. Martell says Tiffany was disrespectful.

Louis says Sheree is a grown woman and that they didn’t need to confront Tiffany for her. He also didn’t appreciate Tiffany being called a Karen. As the conversation goes on, Louis gets angry with Marsau and Martell’s reaction. Maurice overhears what’s happening and comes out to help keep things from escalating.

Things get tense when Louis pokes Martell when Martell says he didn’t need to go to Louis first. Maurice steps in between them to de-escalate the situation. While Louis understands the concern, he says they should’ve come to him first. Luckily, they were able to come to a consensus and hug it out.

Meanwhile, Tiffany isn’t feeling well. She feels nauseous and she has no idea where Louis is. Louis is eventually able to come to Tiffany and check on her as the episode ends.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. Kimmi can’t worry about Maurice. If he’s going to step outside of his marriage, he was going to do that anyway.

    As for Tiffany and Louis! Lord help Tiffany! Even pregnant, she is a mess starter. She is totally out of pocket and it doesn’t seem real that someone would do what she did in asking those questions of Sheree. She is messy and that’s why she’s having a dizzy spell during next week’s show. God bless her and keep their baby and her healthy and safe but please work on Tiffany’s mental state of being.

    It is unbelievable that a woman could be that messy. It shows that she’s hiding a lot and she’s one miserable person and she’s a liar. Marsua did not know that Martell invited Tiffany. She painted the picture to Luis as if they both planned it. This woman is so delusional that she needs psychiatric help. I’m starting to believe that she does have an identity crisis and as a result she is a hurt person hurting others.

    God Bless Them!

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