RHOA Recap: Things Are About to Get Worse Between Marlo & Kandi

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Marlo’s tension with Kenya and Monyetta continues to weigh on the Magic City Classic trip. Kenya isn’t able to perform in the halftime show as planned due to a sudden illness. She has a medical scare that sends her to the emergency room. And this is a wake-up call for Marlo and the others. So Marlo apologizes to Monyetta for their tension. And Monyetta reluctantly accepts the apology because Marlo seemingly tried to slam a door on her. 

Sheree’s theory about Marlo is that she struggles to get along with Kenya because she secretly wants validation from Kenya. Regardless, Kenya is over Marlo. And she’s not interested in hearing excuses for Marlo’s behavior. 

Interestingly enough, Mama Joyce holds grudges longer than Kenya. And Kandi is wondering when she’s finally going to stop bashing Todd now that they are approaching nearly a decade in their marriage. 

Here’s a recap for, “Drama for Yo Mama.”

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  1. 1. Marlo is sick and doesn’t need a life coach. She needs a psychiatrist. She has deep seeded emotional issues that may need some medication. She’s like a little girl who doesn’t want anyone to like or socialize with the person she doesn’t like. Bravo made one of their biggest mistakes in giving her a peach. She’s not spiritually, physically nor emotionally capable of handling the job.

    2. I love Kandi but I don’t see her and Todd lasting much longer. Kandi does the same thing to her mother that people do to Marlo. She pacifies those who like her and then treats others like a piece of trash. Kandi, you’re a grown woman. Your mother doesn’t care anything about Todd, Kayla, Ace or Blaze. Now, I know why Kayla isn’t around a lot. You have given your mother the power to continue to say what she wants no matter how damaging it is to other people. In the end, you’re going to lose. Your mother wants you to be a lonely old woman just like she is and right now, you’re heading down that path.

    Todd is a Gem and a Diamond. There are plenty of other women who will truly forsake all others to be with just him. Clearly you didn’t/don’t understand your vows. You slap your mother on the and then let her back in to do it again. It’s really sad to watch.

    I do believe that Bravo needs to clean house because it doesn’t show reality.

    I wish you all the best before it gets to the worst.

  2. Mama Joyce is a Mean Spirited Dangerous Woman🥴 . She is a controlled “ Freak “ she isn’t Happy and doesn’t want to see others happy !😱
    Mama Joyce needs a Man of her own Lol 😹😹😹

  3. The only way thus season can be saved is if they stop now and reshoot the rest of the season for the next 6 weeks and cut the dead and toxic weight (Marlo, Courtney and….d-mn….I forgot her name she’s so forgettable….Sanya).

    I love her to death but Kandi seems to be stuck in the same storyline so she might need a break or just give her back her own show focusing on her Broadway productions.

    Sheree is done. Other than her connection to the other OGs she’s just no longer a viable housewife.

    Kenya is getting better and showing more but the Marlo conflicts are just yucky to watch even and so unless she can pull away from it she might need a break too. We’ve seen “Fighting Kenya”, we wanna see “Travel Kenya” or “City Girl Kenya”.

    Long story not really short: Just throw the whole season away at this point. As much I love Kenya and Kandi the production and “new” cast are dragging them down and idk if they can escape the sweep that’s probably gonna happen.

  4. I think kandi need to hook momma Joyce up with someone, an maybe she will leave kandi relationship along

  5. As an older woman I was was so happy to finally in my life get to see beautiful woman of color to have a platform to show their successes and talents but to see them turn on each other and do some of the hateful acts it really bothered my spirit! Unfortunately we as women have not learned that to be lifted we have to lift and love even when it’s hard to love ! These ladies are truly in a position to be great role models for our next generation but what they are allowing social media portray them as is messy,nasty,unforgive,and hateful .Just want to ask my Black Queens to please self evaluate and remember who you are and who’s you are!

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