Monyetta Shaw Drags Marlo Hampton’s Peach + Kenya Moore & RHOA Fans Call out Producers

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Marlo Hampton and Monyetta Shaw clashed on Twitter.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Marlo Hampton has been coming for Kandi Burruss plenty during the current season. She believes Kandi didn’t do enough to acknowledge her nephew’s death. Marlo confirmed her nephew was killed by his own roommate years ago. She reached out to Kandi after he was killed because she learned he used to work at OLG at some point prior to his death. Kandi offered her condolences to Marlo at that time. However, the incident at Blaze Steak & Seafood supposedly triggered Marlo. So she took offense to Drew Sidora not specifically using the word “shooting” while discussing what happened. As we reported, Kandi’s cousin was shot outside of Blaze after clashing with a drunk employee. Her cousin Melvin Jones also happens to be the kitchen manager.

Well, Marlo will get into it with Kandi’s friend Monyetta Shaw on the upcoming episode. In fact, Marlo closes the door on Monyetta in a preview. Interestingly enough, the ladies exchanged words on Twitter hours ago. It kicked off after Monyetta clapped back at some of the shade Marlo threw her way during the latest episode.

Monyetta tweeted, “Here we go again…The CANNED PEACH @heartMarlo talking out both sides of her neck!! Always behind my back never to my face! I DON’T respect that!! You need to worry about getting that nasty hack/ cough you’ve had for the past 2 years checked out! #RHOA”

In response, Marlo wrote, “Canned Peach? You have a family, juicy history with a celebrity ex, and a husband, and you still didn’t get a 🍑. Make it make sense sis 😘. #rhoa”

Drew Sidora provided receipts and Kenya Moore called out RHOA producers.

Monyetta agreed that she is deserving of a peach, “Actually Marlo…| agree with you! I am WAY MORE qualified to be a housewife than you. It DOESN’T make sense at all. Thanks 4 that! 🥰 #RHOA”

Marlo then tweeted a photo of Monyetta attending one of her past events, “It doesn’t, maybe you’re lacking in performance!? Get ur own identity & off ur masters’ leashes (K & K), and maybe then you could roam the park free & dig up a peach. But keep it cute, you’re still a fan, just like you were here at my peach party! Maybe I will throw u one next luv 😘🤣”

And Monyetta responded by telling Marlo that it took her years and NeNe Leakes‘ to get that peach, “Cute pic @iheartMarlo We came to support you. I can recognize & salute 10 LONG YEARS of back-breaking hard work of being @NeNeLeakes ‘do boy’ to FINALLY get that CHARITY #cannedpeach. Difference is I’m a REAL housewife that’s BEEN connected & respected. NO SHOW. NO CAP! #RHOA”

Drew also called out Marlo due to the editing of the recent episode. In a scene, Marlo and Kenya Moore discussed Marlo’s recent blowup with Drew. Marlo denied that she was aggressive and screamed in Drew’s face. Producers flashbacked to show Marlo sitting down and neglected to show what happened later. So Drew did so on her Instagram page.


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As Marlo bragged about the flashback validating that she was calm during her encounter with Drew, some RHOA fans who remember the previous episode were not having it. They accused producers of not showing what happened in full to protect Marlo.

A Twitter user wrote, “Before Marlo left, she was indeed standing over Drew, she did get close and she was pointing and yelling and security was right behind her…idk why they keep protecting this loser. #RHOA”

In response, Kenya tweeted, “Yeah they were slick and didn’t show that part. #rhoa”

This comes after Marlo suggested that it is Kandi who is protected by producers.


  1. Get her Monyetta! You are definitely more respected than the canned peach, Marlo Ghetto Hampton. She wish should could have the notoriety that you have. Bringing up your ex and your now husband. That B__th isn’t no good. She’s a ghetto mental health patient walking around in our society that’s being untreated. It will get worst with her before it gets better.

    Watch that heffa because she cut someone once which lets you know that her emotions run real deep, she can do it again.

    Team everybody but Marlo Ghetto Hampton. Be Gone!

      1. Uh, all of them are tired. Lets refresh the entire cast completely. This use to be like Sex in the City. But at some point, they have to know these women are trying to hold on by any means neccessary.

    1. Well Said …. Bye Marlo…she angry and mad cause she know her time is almost up. She only on the show cause of NeNe but now u cross Kandi. Gyrl Bye i thought u was on top of ya game.

  2. Marlo’s biggest accomplishment in life is getting a peach and it took a decade for that to happen. Her arrogance is laughable.

    1. Marlo is doing too much!! She is unreal; not one housewife has cut up this bad. What would happen if the ladies decide that she is hostile and they are afraid to work with her? She is very Crazzzy!! Now she wants Kandi to get her record expunged!! What’s “NEXT”.

  3. Without a doubt, Marlo’s as delusional AF! There’s video of her behavior and thinks she can just lie and get away w/ it! She’s fk’d up in head, classless, a hypocrite, & a bully! She supposedly has it all, but all she really does is run around criticizing all others around her! How she has any friends is beyond me! She’s totally FOS and should be run off the show! Kandi and Kenya would do well to just ignore the b!tch! ;-(

  4. It really seems like the producers are Team Marlo and anti Kandi this year. The way they flat out just did not show Marlo screaming in Drew’s face like that was blatant. And they will kill off what’s left of this show because Marlo is not that girl and never will be. They really thought they could replace NeNe with her side kick and it’s failing tremendously.

    1. Can Marlo carry the show after she alienates the other ladies. Marlo is clout chasing!! She will befriend anyone that will give her freebies! Shree’, Courtney, and Sonya!!

    1. Same here with her desperate a-s. She waited two years to decide Kandi didn’t do enough about her nephew’s death. I don’t respect using a death to have a storyline on a reality show. Marlo needs to go. She’s the worst housewife I’ve ever seen. NeNe was right when she said Marlo shouldn’t have a peach.

    2. Marlo is actually one reason my mom stopped watching years ago. She saw the writing on the wall even back then.

    3. She’s a lot of the reason I stopped watching RHOA. The show is really boring now. She’s not a housewife anyway but, apparently you don’t have to be. Just create enough ruckus to get a story line and you’re in.

  5. Marlo is a classless celebrity clout chasing wannabe fabulous reject. Her kicking Kenya door and banging incessantly on last night show was ridiculous and stressful to watch. She needs mental health therapy because she clearly has not worked through some of her life traumas. Money does not buy class and in her case even if it did it wouldn’t work. She can’t rinse off the stench of ghetto behavior off her. What was Kandi suppose to do pay for the funeral? She expressed her condolences that was all she had to do. Her envy if Kandi is huge. Nor should she think he4 now side kick Courtney has her back. She is a bonified butch clout chaser who thinks she got it going on. If Kandi would have acknowledged her and called her a friend she would trash Marlo so quickly her head would spin. Sheree us pathetic. All three are not good examples of black woman hood at its best. They are embarrassing and the images weaves. Claw nails and big butt ther are shaking and twerking is beamed across the world and gives the impression that All black women are this way. These broads and that’s what they are are all knocking on turning 50 and haven’t learned yet the journeys lessons. All money ain’t good money particularly when you have to sell of a piece if your soul to make it. Bravo doesn’t care about any of these women…Bravo cares about its bottom line….money. get smart and get yours like Kandi has with multiple streams of income. Kandi abs Melody (LAMH) have successfully done that. Don’t hate imitate and please grow up. 50 ain’t looking good on none of the above.

    1. Marlo needs to go. She is so jealous of the other cast she just acts a ghetto fool come on Andy no wants her back…..poof be gone

    1. The show is flopping because of Marlo The Ho!!!! Get that crazy heifer off then show and maybe it will get those rating back.

  6. Marlo treatment of Kandi last year is the exact reason I’m not watching this year. She is a very jealous and reckless person who will do and say anything for her peach

    1. @Troll I agree!! All the stuff she said last season , when confronted she just said stuff like : yea i said that and I was wrong, I apologize. She was a whole new person

    2. I agree she won’t. She’s going to sit on that stage and cry like a baby and keep bringing up her past as a deflection from what the truth really is. She’s envious and jealous of Kandi and any of the ladies that friends with Kandi. She’s letting her true colors show.

  7. Marlo Hampton remind me of my narcissist boyfriend I dealt with for 5yrs. She definitely a hater and clot chaser I wish I could get on the show just to sit her tired dried up a-s down 10× on everything. When I look at her wigs they look just like her ragidy a-s feet and as far as coming for my girl Kandi maybe she can teach Marlo something and also let her shop out Kandi closet cause her fashion definitely ain’t it. Please send Marlo clothes donations.

  8. I see a downhill season after tonight promotion of the Marlo takeover, Bravo do better none of your franchise promote peace, positivity or harmony.

  9. I knew RHOA was over when they confirmed they finally gave Marlo a peach. Marlo is awful. She weaponizes her trauma and uses her trauma to make people she doesn’t like look bad. I wish she would just go but Bravo is clearly on a mission to make RHOA as unpopular as possible. And the plan is working because ratings are doo doo.

  10. I wish all of them black women off the show They are smart businesspeople.Is money that important to you?

  11. People like Marlo are exhausting. They are very entitled and even if you do things for them it’s never enough. She’s exactly what they mean when they talk about crabs in a barrel. Marlo is trying to harm anyone who is doing better than her.

  12. I hope Andy can see he made a big mistake by bringing Marlo on this platform, I am almost to believe Andy wants these Black women to act like Peons, Marlo has never been married and called a housewife (REALLY)

  13. The audacity Marlo has. She was NeNe’s puppet for years and only dislikes Kandi and Kenya because NeNe can’t stand them. At least Monyetta and Kandi are real friends, something Marlo and NeNe have never been. NeNe wouldn’t even help Marlo get a peach and told the network and producers not to give her one. Meanwhile Kandi helped her get it and look how she’s treating Kandi. Marlo is such a bitter and envious person. She needs therapy not a peach.

  14. Marlo needs to go, What were they thinking giving her a preach. Please fire her I’m going to stop watching the show until she’s gone.

  15. Like Marlo or not let’s talk about the bigger issue, the show is trash 🗑️. It has no real substance and is really searching for anything.

  16. Hunni….those producers don’t give a d-mn about who’s doing this or that on those shows….All they’re wanting is for someone to come in and bring drama and confusion so that they can capture it!!! That’s all these reality shows are doing now..They go from drama to fake relationship and storylines that doesn’t exist in real life….Best believe Marlo is doing exactly what’s being told of her to do…. Bring drama and confusion!!!!

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