RHOA Recap: Sanya Thinks Marlo is Treated Unfairly + Kandi Calls out Marlo

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Marlo has more to say about Kandi.

The episode starts off with producers showing footage over the years of Kandi and Marlo’s rocky friendship. They even show the unaired footage of when Marlo told Kandi her nephew was killed by his roommate. Kandi offers her condolences and even hugs her. In a green screen interview, Kandi says she understands how much Marlo’s nieces and nephews mean to her. 

Back in the present, Marlo meets with her managers. They discuss Kandi. Marlo really thinks Drew was afraid to say too much about the Blaze incident. And it’s time to hold Kandi “accountable.” 

Marlo tells them Kandi should have done more when she was told that her nephew was killed. She thinks catering from Old Lady Gang would have been the appropriate thing to do. And she doesn’t even recall Kandi even being sympathetic at all. 

Kandi and Marlo have a heated exchange. 

Kenya FaceTimes Kandi about the things Marlo has been saying regarding her nephew’s death. Kandi is furious because she feels like Marlo is wrongly trying to attach her to the situation. And she denies that the killer ever worked at any of her restaurants. This comes up again when Courtney hosts an event that brings all the women back together. 

The tension is thick between Kandi and Marlo. So Kandi doesn’t waste any time and she and Drew go off to the side to talk to Marlo. Marlo denies trying to attach Kandi to her nephew’s death. She says she just wanted Kandi to acknowledge it but she didn’t. Kandi says Marlo told people that the killer worked at her restaurant and this isn’t true. And she’s just trying to use the situation to make Kandi look bad. 

As voices raises, things become very chaotic. Both women scream at each other and have to be broken up before an altercation can take place. 

Sanya thinks Marlo isn’t being treated fairly. 

Kandi decides it would be best for her to call it a night before she does something she can’t take back. She and Kenya briefly discuss Marlo’s criminal past. Drew labels Marlo as too aggressive to be around. 

Meanwhile, Sanya tells Marlo and Sheree that it’s not fair that Marlo was labeled aggressive because she thinks Kandi was being aggressive as well. And she thinks Drew has been brown-nosing Kenya and Kandi. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. The fact that they finished an entire season with Marlo is unbelievable. I truly believe in my heart that this franchise needs an overhaul or it’s over.

    Marlo is a liability and not an asset. Andy Cohen and Bravo is not going to stop until something tragic happens. Marlo is psychotic, vindictive, emotionally immature and rude. She doesn’t need a life coach. She needs a psychotherapist who can subscribe some psych medicine.

    Good Riddance! Marlo is not equipped to be a start.

    It’s not personal, it’s factual!

    1. Marlo has been trouble since she showed up. Never understood why she was a part of this show. I truly believe Bravo will do anything for the drama, the nastier the better. I also believe Andy Cohen is behind most of it. Doesn’t want women to be seen in a good light, ever.

  2. At this point I read the recap and then go on Peacock to fast forward to the end to see what is going to happen the next week. That’s about all they are going to get from me as long as the keep Marlo and Courtney on. I don’t even care about Sherees bad lying self. But Marlo and the random need to go.

  3. I realize Marlo trying to be a NeNe and she FAILING miserably…I not even a Kandi fan but Marlo has really gone TOO FAR this season she needs to GO asap…I agree with Inger I am also surprised they were able to finish the season with UNHINGED MARLO THE MESS

  4. Kandi should call out, why everyone passing over Kandi, I’m glad Marlo let she have it way to go Marlo

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