RHOA Recap: Sanya Thinks Marlo is Treated Unfairly + Kandi Calls out Marlo

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi finds out about what Marlo has been telling the others in regard to her nephew’s death. Marlo strongly believes that Kandi didn’t do much to acknowledge it. And she thinks Kandi should have had some flowers delivered or even catered food because her nephew used to work at Old Lady Gang. So this is why she was triggered by the incident that took place at Blaze Steak & Seafood. 

Kandi suspects that Marlo has malicious intentions. She accuses Marlo of trying to make her look bad with her nephew’s death. 

When Kandi calls Marlo out about all of this during Courtney’s event, tempers flare. And it becomes clear that the group is divided. 

Here’s a recap for, “Rap Sheets and Old Beefs.”

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  1. The fact that they finished an entire season with Marlo is unbelievable. I truly believe in my heart that this franchise needs an overhaul or it’s over.

    Marlo is a liability and not an asset. Andy Cohen and Bravo is not going to stop until something tragic happens. Marlo is psychotic, vindictive, emotionally immature and rude. She doesn’t need a life coach. She needs a psychotherapist who can subscribe some psych medicine.

    Good Riddance! Marlo is not equipped to be a start.

    It’s not personal, it’s factual!

    1. Marlo has been trouble since she showed up. Never understood why she was a part of this show. I truly believe Bravo will do anything for the drama, the nastier the better. I also believe Andy Cohen is behind most of it. Doesn’t want women to be seen in a good light, ever.

  2. At this point I read the recap and then go on Peacock to fast forward to the end to see what is going to happen the next week. That’s about all they are going to get from me as long as the keep Marlo and Courtney on. I don’t even care about Sherees bad lying self. But Marlo and the random need to go.

  3. I realize Marlo trying to be a NeNe and she FAILING miserably…I not even a Kandi fan but Marlo has really gone TOO FAR this season she needs to GO asap…I agree with Inger I am also surprised they were able to finish the season with UNHINGED MARLO THE MESS

  4. Kandi should call out, why everyone passing over Kandi, I’m glad Marlo let she have it way to go Marlo

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