‘Belle Collective’ Star Sophia ‘Sogucci’ Williams Nearly Comes to Blows with Selena Johnson

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Sogucci Williams and JJ Williams’ ex-wife aren’t getting along.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “Sogucci” Williams has made it clear that she isn’t on the best of terms with her husband JJ Williams’ ex-wife, Selena Johnson. On a previous episode, Sogucci said that she usually just tries to stay out of the way when it comes to Selena. But they have tension because Selena was told that Sogucci has been talking about her. Sogucci denied this. And when she attended the baby shower for her stepdaughter, Sogucci decided it would be best to not interact with Selena. Well, this will come up on the upcoming episode. Apparently, Selena didn’t like this. She felt it was a bit rude considering she planned the baby shower.

In a preview, Selena confronts Sogucci for not speaking at the baby shower. To no surprise, it didn’t take long for the situation to go left.

While Tambra Cherie is speaking to Selena, Sogucci briefly speaks to Tambra. Selena calls out Sogucci for not speaking.

“So this the only person you see standing here?”

Sogucci responds, “I mean you didn’t want to speak at the baby shower. So…”

Selena was not having it, “The baby shower, honey? Did you see how ******* busy I was at the baby shower?”

Sogucci then says, “I wasn’t even paying attention to that.”

In response, Selena asks, “Did you even try to help out at the baby shower?”

And Sogucci answers, “Oh **** naw I wasn’t helping out.” Selena then quips, “You never do.”

Selena Johnson claps back after Sogucci Williams labels her an extra.

It gets messier from here. Sogucci says, “No I’m not gonna ******* help out.” Selena responds, “You never have.”

Selena adds, “Before the baby shower it’s been the same thing.”

Sogucci replies, “Well, let’s keep it the same then **** bye.” She continues, “And then one, I’m not gon sit here and be talking to an extra.”

Now Selena was definitely not here for the “extra” insult. She then reminded Sogucci she was on TV first along with JJ Williams when they appeared on “Bring It.”

“***** extra…I was on TV before you. What are you talking about?”

She continues, “***** I was married to JJ before you! You always been second to me! What the **** are you talking about?!”

Eventually, the two women nearly come to blows and have to be separated.

Check out the preview below.


  1. I don’t like how Sogucci handled that. Was she tipsy or something? I can’t understand why she was disrespectful from jump.

  2. I don’t trust Sogucci…..now I understand she was mad because Latrice used another realtor, but to run to Marie the person you know Latrice has issues with and talk about her was not cool. She comes off as messy and like to start problems. If you are my friend and we have a issue and you run to my known enemy and talk about me I would be done with you. And Selena was right….she was on TV way before her and for a long time.

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