Selena Johnson Makes More Serious Accusations About JJ Williams

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Selena Johnson and Sophia “SoGucci” Williams both blame each other for their on-screen altercation.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams made headlines when she got into a physical altercation with Selena Johnson while filming. As we reported, the confrontation kicked off after SoGucci didn’t speak to Selena at Latrice Rogers‘ event. Instead, SoGucci referred to Selena as an “extra” she didn’t have to acknowledge. In response, Selena reminded SoGucci that she was on television first via “Bring It!” The exchange eventually escalated into violence. SoGucci accused Selena of being the aggressor. She also pressed charges against Selena. Selena has denied being the aggressor. She alleged she only defended herself after SoGucci charged her direction with a drink.

JJ Williams backed up SoGucci’s version of events. He also said SoGucci was right to press charges. While Selena and JJ’s daughters didn’t like the police being contacted, he figured they would get over it eventually and see SoGucci was right.

Sunjai Williams accused SoGucci of causing the fight by charging Selena.

Selena stuck to her story on her YouTube channel. But what caused a stir on social media were other accusations. Selena accused JJ of being violent during their time together. She also alleged that JJ lied about her being a deadbeat mom. And she asked him to watch the kids after she suffered a stroke. But she’s always been there for their children. So she believes JJ is trying to destroy her character.

More accusations were made.

Selena has released part 2 of her response to JJ. She alleged JJ told her mother she had a drug problem.

“This man has lied on me so much. You on lied on me to my own mother. You told my mother I was on drugs. My Mom called me crying. You told her I was feenin cause I be shaking my leg or I be moving. That’s anxiety cause that’s how I would get back then when I was around you. I had to stop talking to my mom. I don’t even like taking prescription drugs.”

She also accused SoGucci of lying on the stand.

“Both of them are very good at lying especially if you’re gonna lie at court under oath. Gonna say that you was walking away and then I threw the glass at you. But on TV you got a knot on the front of your head. So did you go hit yourself?”

Selena also brought up her deceased son, Quincy Johnson.

“And JJ, I’m going back to my son. If my son had such a good relationship with you, then why every time my son’s truck would mess up or anything when he was on the road, why he ain’t call you? He always called me. Always. It was always me he called. I guess it was because when he was going to school in Clinton, Clinton school teachers saw bruises on him when he raised his hands. And then I get a phone call from what is it, Child Protective Services? Or DHS telling me to come up there. They had my son in custody and was like he is not allowed to go back into that home.”


  1. It’s hard for me not to believe Selena…. because she’s been giving JJ grace all this time….I believe her because it’s something he said on the reunion that made me go….🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

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