LAMH Recap: Melody Gives Details About New Boo + Stormi’s Mom Causes Chaos With Family

LAMH Season 6 Episode 11
Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Stormi and her family take center stage. This time, Stormi does all she can to mitigate tension between her mom Bettie and Aunt Lisa. This stems from Stormi and Courtney firing her cousin Junior for poor performance at their Canvas Beauty facility.

During the tense conversation, Bettie brings up details about Junior which Lisa did not want said on TV. This leads to Lisa going off and calling her sister evil.

Next, LaTisha stands her ground with Marsau. He wants to stay at their current home as it’s under renovation with their son while everyone else stays at a new apartment. However, LaTisha wants everyone under one roof. Meanwhile, LaTisha, after the tense conversation with the Comeback Group, gets an understanding regarding Melody’s hesitancy with joining them in an upcoming business expo.

Lastly, Melody gives details about her new boo, including how he’s a protector and “checks all boxes” for her. However, she’s in no rush to reveal his identity.

Here’s the recap for, “Bettie Blues.”

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  1. Stormi mother is a MISERABLE person and I can tell that just watching her on tv…I don’t blame her sister for not wanting to deal with her EVER again. Melody looks so HAPPY these day the guy dating her is one LUCKY man he is getting BEAUTY N BRAINS

    1. Yes she is an evil, woman. It shows in her face and expression. I see why Ms. Van does not want to be around these old ladies. I thought Ms. Wanda was bad, but I don’t know which is worst. Betty or Wanda. I am sure if they were placed in a sack and shook up they both would fall out at the same time

  2. Stormi’s mama decided she was going to get her 15 minutes at all costs.. pathetic.

    I only have one question for Latisha, does Melody still have a dark soul? Anyone know if they had the event and it was successful?

  3. And why are they in their kid’s business? Ms Bettye showed me who she was at Mels tea party. She is too ignorant to be on TV, Bad look for a woman her age

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