LAMH Recap: Martell Causes A Scene & Goes Off on Miss Vanessa + Stormi Fires Her Cousin

LAMH Season 6 Episode 5 Recap
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On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Stormi and Courtney move their business into a new warehouse, LaTisha and Marsau put their feet down, and Martell causes a scene at his kids’ birthday party.

First, as Stormi and Courtney move into a new facility for their growing business, they have a sobering conversation with their warehouse staff. This includes friends and family that seemingly aren’t pulling their weight. Unfortunately, this leads to a tough conversation between Stormi and her cousin.

Next, Marsau and LaTisha are working to finalize plans for their Black Business Expo. They inform Kimmi and Maurice that they will not pay any of the participants. This includes the Comeback Group.

Lastly, Melody is hosting a birthday party for Mariah and Mariah, and Martell was not invited. However, this didn’t stop Martell from showing up and causing a scene. This includes Martell going off on Vanessa and Melody threatening to call the police.

Here’s the recap for, “Speak Now or Forever Holt Your Peace.”

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  1. Jennifer, needs to understand what Class it. She is Not the original because she left the series for awhile and then recently came back. Jackie is the only one that has been there the longest. Do, she would be considered the OG….Respect the position Jennifer, puffy lips and bad breath!!!!

  2. Jennifer is a type of woman who Thinks she can attract a boss man and keep him, Her husband the NBA player gave her the money since then, she has been trying to sue men for continued support. When you settled for Big Hip Tim from Sweetie Pie , you are digging from the bottom of the barrel. Jennifer thought she hag snagged a bit one again. Jennifer is definitely a Gold Digger and can’t keep a man

  3. I don’t appreciate the way Martel spoke to Miss Van…Melody has NEVER spoken to his mom that way…I notice Martell has NO PROBLEM going toe to toe with a WOMAN was says A LOT about him….with that being said Wanda and Kenya DESERVED it…

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