LAMH Recap: Kimmi and Kiuwha Hash Things Out + Marsau Clashes With Stormi

LAMH Season 6 Episode 14
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Kimmi and Kiuwha hash things out along with Melody and Stormi.

The episode begins with Kimmi and Kiuwha hashing things out. Kiuwha tells Kimmi she has no control over what LAMH fans say about Kimmi online.

Kimmi tells Kiuwha that Jaylin had to witness the vitriol Kimmi withstood in an effort to protect Monster. She feels she took the arrows to keep everyone involved safe. Kiuwha never knew how her role played in the vitriol online. In fact, Kiuwha had to experience growth regarding the whole thing and openly says Kimmi was never the side chick.

Overall, Kimmi and Kiuwha make progress.

The next day, Stormi finally has a one-on-one sit down with Melody. Melody’s interested in peace and wants to see where Stormi is at regarding their relationship. The tea party was rough, especially regarding Miss Bettie. Melody asks if Stormi knew how Bettie felt about her and Stormi says yes. Despite this, Stormi says she doesn’t agree with her. Melody lets her know that she doesn’t have the space for another mom not liking her.

Stormi feels that her relationship with Melody began to taper off when Melody changed her number. But Stormi says they’re going to be good as she learned how Melody was moving.

When Melody steps aside, Stormi fills in.

The Comeback Group came back together at a potential venue for the Blaque Expo. Well, everyone except Melody. LaTisha tells them Melody won’t be involved in the event because she’s not ready to move forward with everyone, especially Martell. Melody says it is not fair to expect her to be involved especially with the court case and past drama that was recent. However, Martell says the court case shouldn’t affect their group’s business ventures.

Despite that, LaTisha wants to show that the group can move forward. After the announcement, Maurice says that the spirit of the Comeback Group has changed and he’s disheartened Melody isn’t involved. So, Marsau, and the rest of the Comeback Group put a last-minute pitch forward. This convinces Maurice to be a part of it.

When Courtney and Stormi join them, Martell jokes that Stormi is replacing Melody. Stormi lets them know she’s excited to be a part of the Blaque Expo.

Maurice and Monster bond.

The next day, Maurice takes Monster to play a game of basketball. After a few games of one on one, Maurice asks Monster his thoughts about the sit-down with his mom and Kimmi. Monster says it’s boring to hear them talk. Maurice says he realizes that he and Monster are two completely different people with different childhood experiences.

Overall, he wants Monster to tap into his potential overall but he wants to know who he is for real. He then tells Monster to speak freely.

Next, Courtney stops by his mom Shelby’s home. When he gets home they begin their talk. Courtney tells Shelby about how he’s pushing off Stormi’s desire to have another baby. Shelby asks if Courtney’s dad issues are why he doesn’t want another child.

This causes Courtney to shed a few tears. Courtney hears from Shelby that he needs to speak to Stormi about it to get on the same page.

Marsau and Stormi clash.

It’s finally time for the Blaque Expo and Stormi is without Courtney. Canvas Beauty has a huge retail order and they have a deadline cutting close. Stormi’s with Shelby and she vents to her mom-in-law about being stressed by it all.

LaTisha learns they have more vendors than anticipated so the booth space is tight. Latisha greets Stormi who is setting up. This makes LaTisha nervous because she feels Stormi’s setup could fit two to three more booths.

Marsau arrives and he’s frustrated. He notices Stormi and asks if she paid for her spot. LaTisha says they didn’t ask the group to pay for the booth. Despite this, he decides to ask Stormi for a booth fee. He approaches Stormi about it and she asks why they didn’t ask her or mention it during the walkthrough.

This leads to a very awkward, passive-aggressive conversation between Marsau and Stormi. She says she’ll never do business again with Marsau.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. I don’t know how anyone else feels about the meeting between Kimmi & Kiuwha but that to me was some bullswankey. Kimmi doesn’t believe Kiuwha didn’t call her a sidechick, she just made herself to be understood & respected period. Who cares about ‘Mr. Set Up Neetings’ Maurice?
    Then the disorganized mess of a Black Expo. How can anyone take part in this event the last moment? Then folks were taking spaces randomly because no specs were given. Stormi came in there and wasn’t playing but Marsau comes with the fake pleasantries then asks for money. No one discussed a fee so let’s call LaTisha to smooth this over.
    The Scott brothers got me 🙄. They’re putting their wives in awkward positions to clean up their mess.

    1. If Maurice would spend as much time with Monster as he does “ Setting up meetings “ he would have a better relationship with his son. He wants Kimmie involved, but he does not want her input!!!

  2. It’s funny when Mel brought up fees to pay for speakers, Marsau and Latisha tried to act like she was being petty and flat out said they were not paying anyone but then Marsau turned around and tried to hit Stormy up for $100.00. Martell had the nerves to try to put Mel down because she didnt want to be involved with it. Deep down it looks like he only wanted to be involved because he thought it was an opportunity to be in Mel’s presence. He wants her back so bad it’s almost sad.

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