RHOA Recap: Sheree Puts Drew on Blast + Marlo Spills Tea on Kenya’s New Boo

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On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Ralph hosts a brunch for all of the women before they travel to Portugal for their girls’ trip. Sheree is hoping some time in Portugal will be relaxing enough to convince all the women to move on from their issues. However, Sheree struggles to bring peace seeing as she has her own tension with Drew. 

Drew thought that she was moving forward with Sheree, however, Sheree puts her on blast about a lawsuit in front of the rest of the group. The situation even results in Drew becoming emotional. 

And Marlo makes an interesting revelation about Kenya’s new boo, Roi. 

Here’s a recap for, “Healing by Sheree.”

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  1. Jude, Marlo and Drew are annoying.

    In my opinion, they are all annoying. Some more than others. I’m so disappointed in Kandi at this point. I guess when things are not directed toward her, it’s not her business but when people come for her, she involves everybody.

    This show has become so classless. I almost want to predict a total makeover like NY. It’s not working anymore. Marlo, Sanya, The New Woman who got a baby by Bryce (who must not have worked in years) and Sheree has bought this show to a less than class place. You would bring Kim Zoziak (whatever her name) on tv to say is Kenya still alive.

    Andy Cohen and Bravo, I have lost all respect for you. Whatever you’re paying those ladies must be enough for them to degrade, wish harm and outright disrespect each other.

    I couldn’t even fully watch this week’s show. Marlo wears her feelings on her sleeve and face. She’s so sensitive and insecure that it shows. She needs to take a speech class and stop talking. Sheree doesn’t know what to do with her money because she thinks as a Black woman that she needs to overdose on Botox to stay relevant. Sheree is asking where Kenya’s man is when in all the years, she’s been on tv what man has she presented, Bob Whitfield and Martell. Girl, get some therapy.

    Every time you all talk about Kenya’s life, God blesses her. Remember, Kim told Kenya that she wants to be her and have some kids but she couldn’t. Marlo talked about was Kenya really pregnant. OMG, the jealousy and envy is so obvious.

    I think I would prefer to see Lisa Wu and Deshonn Snow. Kim Zoziac needs to go to therapy and stop trying to be someone that she isn’t. Go back and practice being a nurse because the rest of you appears to be a lie.

    The preview of what’s to come on the show is heartbreaking. I’m not sure if they believe this is what people want to see but I don’t.

    This really may be it for me.

    Best wishes!

  2. I see why the ratings are so low. Nobody has nothing better to do than to be messy and worry about other people’s lives.

  3. Sheree grow up you’re going back and forth with Drew over something in the pass,an you talking about bring peace to the group, you call yourself a glam mom or what ever ,please act like one ,

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