LHHATL Recap: Things Worsen Between Erica Dixon & Bambi + Karlie Redd & Shekinah Clash

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On the recent episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” Spice receives some good news as she’s stressing out about her health. Her doctor confirms she doesn’t have to rush into another surgery to have both hernias removed. In fact, she can get it done in six months to a year. And doing it this way lessens the odds of her having scar damage.

Rasheeda has good intentions when she invites Bambi and Erica Dixon to the same event. However, they clash something serious when they come face to face. Dixon accuses Bambi and Scrappy of making up abuse allegations to set her up to lose custody of Emani. However, Bambi says Scrappy led the charge. And Erica is only mad at her for marrying Scrappy. The two women nearly come to blows. And it becomes clear they may never get along. 

Plus, Shekinah and Karlie have a heated moment amid Spice’s decision to cool off on her friendship with Karlie. Karlie accuses Shekinah of being a fake friend to Spice who only comes around when the cameras are on. And she also accuses Shekinah of sleeping with married men. 

Here’s a recap for, “Frostbite.”

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  1. Yeah this was a WILD night. The real issue is how can anyone judge what goes on when they don’t live inside someone household.

  2. Women are so disappointing. Scrappy deserves so much smoke and backlash, but he won’t get it because the women are too busy fighting over nonsense than realizing who is at the root of all the mess and always has been.

  3. I guess I’m getting too old but Erica looks silly telling Bambi she was second best after all these years. Where is Erica’s man and relationship? It’s been YEARS. She should not still be this riled up about her baby daddy. People are praising her behavior and I think she looks ridiculous and bitter. I wanted Erica to come back happy and unbothered. This is wack.

    1. We’re just built differently sis. I have never argued or fought over a man. It’s never worth it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I think they all need to grow up in the end it will hurt the kids im.a mom of two 36 and 38 my oldest dad passed away years ago he never did anything for her she has a younger brother but never seen him my youngest daughter dad just passed away in May this year and she has 3 sisters they met for the first time when she turned 16 this the first time they all got together to buried there dad and that’s ashamed they missed all of there childhoods together cause of the other parents my daughter spent time only once with her youngest sister growing up and a couple of times at the age of 34 with her next to the youngest sister kids for birthdays he had 4 girls 3 different mothers never had a problem with neither mother just wanted the kids to be together but that 1 baby mother is a mess she try to treat my baby wrong but she fends for her self we both were just baby mothers when they dad passed he was married to the baby girl my daughter is there for her she lost her mom last year and know her dad this year try to get along for the kids it not healthy it will hurt the kids in the end we as women need to do better

  5. Erica, Bambi all I have to say is WHY?????????? I’m like Deb, stopped put your business out on the internet, keep the kids out, no reason for them to be exposed. Bambi, and you don’t have ANY RIGHTS for anyone to be on the SHOW (who are you???????), so don’t filmed (because of Erica) wow she’s is one of the original 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

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