RHOA Recap: Drew & Ralph’s Divorce Drama Begins + Affair Rumors Heat Up

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On the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Drew and Ralph’s marriage continues to spiral. They have blowups over Ralph’s loyalty to Courtney. When Ralph pulls Drew’s sister Allison into the disagreement, Allison lets Ralph know he’s the one out of line. And he should support Drew simply out of principle because she is not okay with being called a ***** by Courtney. And she has a right not to be. 

Allison and Drew also let Courtney know exactly how they feel at the wrap party for “The Pass.” The tense scene isn’t even the peak of the messiness. Courtney is a big believer in Drew having an affair with the WNBA player, but she says she believes Drew wanted Ralph to adopt her son so she can spend all of his money and be with a woman. 

Sanya and Sheree have some sad news to grapple with. And it brings both to tears. 

Here’s a recap for, “Art Imitates Life.”

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    1. Ralph is a control freak and an abuser. That’s as clear as the Son shines. Drew may be messy but she’s trying to get help. It is my belief that until you walk in a person shoes, you truly don’t know. What is shown is Drew has a lot of emotions but she has the right to hope that her sister circle would support her and not talk about her behind her back. And, they have all had messy relationships except for Marlo. So, to not understand a married woman who has kids. I am team Drew 1000%. I wish her the best and in the reunion preview, Ralph says he loves his wife. So, if they want to get back together and work it out, Praise God for that. Marriage is a Covenant and no man can judge that Covenant but God!

      I wish them the best. I am so disappointed in Kandi this year because when it came to Todd and the other fiance’ that died she was willing to go to war. Now, that someone else is walking in those shoes, she is not supportive and she’s throwing gasoline on the fire. Disappointed Kandi, disappointed!

      Marlo was truly right! You put your momma before your husband. So, you of all people should understand a marriage.

  1. This episode was a train wreck. The highs: Allison, Sanya’s heartbreaking scene but happy update, Sheree being real and vulnerable about her father but still supporting Drew while she was grieving too. The lows: Courtney’s weird hatred and obsession with Drew is hard to watch. The comment about her son was evil. Karma will handle that though. Ralph is gross. It’s even grosser watching women defend him and drag Drew. The Ty stuff is weird as well. Ralph has cheated on Drew throughout their marriage. So trying to paint Drew as some villain and cheater like Ralph didn’t cheat the entire time is an odd direction for the show to take. This has to be the worst season RHOA has ever had.

  2. Courtney is awful. She is not even needed on the show. Ppl like to say Marlo, Kandi, Kenya, etc. are dragging the show down. But I feel like Ralph and Courtney are the real problems.

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