‘Power Book IV: Force’ Recap: Tommy Meets a New Threat

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On the season premiere of “Power Book IV: Force,” Tommy is trying to move forward and get revenge for Liliana’s death. He suspects one of the Flynns pulled the trigger, so he wants to take them all out. Diamond wants Tommy to slow down on his revenge plan, and they have no choice but to do just that when Jenard’s actions cause some issues in their business. 

Jenard owes his dangerous connect Miguel money. It also turns out that Tommy and Diamond also use Miguel as a connect. To pay off his debts, Jenard attempts to give the Serbs Diamond and Tommy’s territory. This doesn’t sit well with Tommy. So he’s ready to go to war with the Serbs. 

Meanwhile, dahlia becomes a lost cause for Claudia. To get her out of the way and cut out competition, Tommy has the ingredients to dahlia leaked on the internet. Claudia’s choice to take out Dr. Lauren Williams makes Vic walk away from their new partnership before it can even take off. 

Plus, the feds have finally managed to find out Tommy’s history and criminal past. And he will be the key to taking down the Flynns, Serbs, CBI, and Miguel.

Here’s a recap for, “Tommy’s Back.”

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  1. This is one of my favorite shows. It’s so much action and stuff going on that an hour passes so fast. It’s crazy how money and ego will put people against each other. I see the growth in Tommy and how important family is to him. I’m not sure about giving his mom drugs though. I saw the yearning for the affection of his mom in his eyes when his mom was tending to his nephew. Great writing.

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