LHHMIA Recap: Amara Finds Out Safaree is Bad for Her Brand + Fabo Clashes with Emjay

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On the latest episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Trick Daddy hashes things out with Marlon. Marlon admits to having a crush on Joy. However, the flowers were a gesture of gratitude. Joy has been very supportive and kind while he is going through a messy divorce. So both men agree they are able to move forward and remain cool. 

As if the social media backlash hasn’t been enough, Amara finds out through her publicist that major brands aren’t interested in booking her. The issue is her romance with Safaree. Safaree has been labeled as unpopular. So Amara’s association with him is making some brands pass on working with her. Plus, Safaree rubs Amara the wrong way with a comment he made about Nicki Minaj. 

Momma Dee and Sukihana have a major blowup at the birthday party Shay and Fabo throw for their daughter. However, Shay has some drama of her own after Emjay and Fabo argue over Shay’s dog. 

Here’s a recap for, “Red Flags.”

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  1. Fabo seems controlling. It was nice about the Tesla. His personality is ugly. I don’t blame Emjay for standing up for his family when the situation gets uncomfortable. I know Mama Dee wants Shay and her son to be together but not now Mama Dee not now

  2. Ray J is an instigator, Marlon you don’t wanna butt heads with Trick! Not a good move! Safaree has and always will be an “egotistical narcissist,” why can’t Amara see that, even Stevie Wonder can? The disrespect of the elders is too much: Suki blowing up at Momma Dee & the way Fabo spoke to Shay’s mother Ugh! Fabo should’ve gotten his a$$ whooped, a Tesla doesn’t make up for that! What if she were his mother! RESPECT!!!

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