LHHMIA Recap: Amara Finds Out Safaree is Bad for Her Brand + Fabo Clashes with Emjay

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Trick Daddy wants to talk to Marlon. 

Shay is in a great place with her mother Sandra now. Becoming a mother helped them bond. It’s time for Shay to take her dog back from Sandra. However, Fabo doesn’t like him. And Sandra doesn’t care for Fabo. She tells Shay she could do so much better. 

Trick Daddy catches Ray J up on his beef with Marlon. He feels it is disrespectful of Marlon to romantically pursue Joy. He thought they were cool. Ray J suggests they meet up with Marlon to get to the bottom of things. 

The backlash has trickled into Amara’s business affairs. 

Amara’s publicist tells her she’s missing out on deals because of her romance with Safaree. Apparently, Safaree is very unpopular on social media. So brands don’t want to associate with Amara while she is dating him. Amara is devastated. 

Sukihana has a bone to pick with Momma Dee. During an interview, Momma Dee said Sukihana was fat and unattractive when her name came up. Although Sukihana clapped back on social media, she’s ready to confront Momma Dee at the birthday party Shay planned for her daughter. Momma Dee’s comments really hurt her feelings. 

Trick Daddy and Marlon have a sit-down with Ray J and Snoop as the mediators. Marlon admits he does have a crush on Joy. But he bought her flowers as a thank you for Joy’s kindness while he is going through a messy divorce. He understands how that looks. So he apologizes to Trick for the misunderstanding. Trick once again says he wouldn’t be okay with Marlon dating Joy. 

Marlon will respect Trick’s boundaries. 

Safaree and Amara remove the rose-colored glasses. 

Amara tells Safaree that her publicist told her that he is costing her money and opportunities. She’s also upset that he hinted he looks at Nicki Minaj as the one who got away. He was asked this during an interview. Safaree isn’t trying to have this conversation. He looks at himself as an entertainer. So any woman he’s dealing with needs to not pay attention to what he does on social media and in interviews.

Safaree’s defense is ridiculous in Amara’s opinion. So he takes her displeasure as his cue to leave. And Amara is just fine with this. 

Emjay and Fabo have a heated exchange. 

Sukihana pulls Momma Dee aside at Shay’s event to discuss their interview drama. Momma Dee says she realizes she was too harsh. But she still feels Sukihana should be more mindful about how she portrays herself as a Black woman. Sukihana brings up Momma Dee’s past as a pimp and labels this as proof of hypocrisy. Before walking away, Momma Dee tosses rubbers in Sukihana’s direction. 

Security is able to restrain them. 

Fabo makes it to the birthday party three hours late. But he surprises Shay with a Tesla. And he claims he was late because he had to pick up the car. Sandra approaches Fabo to discuss Shay’s dog. He’s not trying to hear any of this. In fact, he says, “**** that dog.” He wants to keep the dog away until the baby is older. 

Emjay notices the conversation has become tense. He approaches Fabo to tell him that he will drop off the dog himself. Fabo refuses to take the dog back. And they exchange words before security steps in. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Fabo seems controlling. It was nice about the Tesla. His personality is ugly. I don’t blame Emjay for standing up for his family when the situation gets uncomfortable. I know Mama Dee wants Shay and her son to be together but not now Mama Dee not now

  2. Ray J is an instigator, Marlon you don’t wanna butt heads with Trick! Not a good move! Safaree has and always will be an “egotistical narcissist,” why can’t Amara see that, even Stevie Wonder can? The disrespect of the elders is too much: Suki blowing up at Momma Dee & the way Fabo spoke to Shay’s mother Ugh! Fabo should’ve gotten his a$$ whooped, a Tesla doesn’t make up for that! What if she were his mother! RESPECT!!!

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