LHHATL Recap: Shekinah & Spice Go Off on Bambi + Scrappy Still Loves Bambi

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Shekinah and Spice go off on Bambi.

Spice and Bambi continue their argument. Bambi once again says Erica Mena did not tell her what she called Spice. Spice doesn’t believe this and neither does Shekinah. Shekinah then shames Bambi for being in a hot tub with Benzino and Kirk years ago. Bambi tells Shekinah she got a role on the show because she was an assistant and sidekick to a famous person. Spice and Shekinah leave before things turn physical. 

Bambi says it’s clear everyone wants to attack her because Scrappy cheated and she’s divorcing him. Scrappy accuses Bambi of playing the victim. He says it was shady how fast she divorced him after she found the text messages he sent to Diamond. And if she really loved him, she would not have rushed. 

At this point, Bambi just thinks Scrappy is refusing to be accountable. This is why she felt the need to file for divorce. She is disappointed but she’s not going to let her attackers break her down. 

Renni Ricci and Amy Luciani are tired of the back and forth. 

Sierra meets with Spice to talk about the blowup she recently had with Bambi. Spice says Bambi’s tone set her off. Sierra explains Spice has every right to be mad at Mena but it’s not cool to take it out on Bambi. It’s time for Spice to focus more on positivity. Her near-death experience was a lot to process, even if she didn’t realize it. 

Shekinah tells Amy Luciani she was told that she referred to her as “that,” when she told Bambi not to “argue with that.” Renni Rucci told her this. Amy calls out Renni for passing this on to Shekinah and stirring the pot. They nearly come to blows. However, cooler heads prevail. They sit down to hash things out. Both women admit they don’t have a real issue with each other. So there’s no need for them to keep clashing. And it’s time to move forward. 

Bambi and Scrappy have a moment of transparency. 

Kirk and Yandy talk Bambi and Scrappy into having a one-on-one conversation to ease the tension. Things have just gotten too nasty.  Scrappy tells Bambi that he loves her and all of the drama hasn’t changed that. He recognizes that she’s a good person and mother. And he’s disappointed that he broke her heart. He’ll always love her. 

Bambi breaks down in tears. She admits she still loves Scrappy. Leaving him wasn’t easy for her to do. But he hurt her, so she had no other choice. 

They hug and go their separate ways before Scrappy ends up shedding some tears of his own. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. I am really loving Bambi this season. I think her, Mena and Sierra are the only three who see Scrappy for what he is. Scrappy has a way of manipulating women to side with him when he’s wrong. I’m surprised Erica Dixon has fallen for it because Scrappy has treated her worse than all the other women he’s mistreated. He literally dumped Erica while she had a newborn to be with Diamond. So I don’t understand why she’s helping him go at Bambi now. I’d never help my ex hurt his wife after he dogged me out for years. I hope Erica wakes up soon. Anyway, rooting for the women only haha.

    1. I couldn’t stand Bambi for years. I like her now. Used to love Erica. But she’s been too much of a pick me lately. Never cared for Diamond. She’s been mean for years.

    2. I love Bambi!!! She hasn’t said anything bad about Scrappy during all of this and she’s been called everything in the book! She told Erica and Sierra not to say anything to Scrappy and when THEY did everyone blamed Bambi. Never mind this woman has 3 kids under 5 years old and was forced to leave her home because her husband couldn’t handle his part of the bills and when he decides he’s the schitt now because he’s on the Millennium Tour (rolls eyes) he wants Bambi to hype him up and be the cheerleader and because she didn’t when he wanted her to in his words – went to someone who did -. Momma Dee saying Shay’s baby is Scrappy (insinuating that he’s having sex outside of his marriage – unprotected) then saying Diamond called her saying she may be pregnant. But women defending Scrappy on the show and in the comments. Diamond and Erica online talking mess (Erica was more invested in the divorce than what Bambi said and did to her daughter) and Momma Dee constantly doing Lives on IG about Bambi.
      She deserves a medal for not cussing everyone out and they mad she hasn’t because they want her to be the villain . It’s pretty pathetic.

  2. Spice CONSTANTLY coming at these women like she running the cast who the F*** she think she is…maybe if she stop jumping around like a 🐒 she would not be called one…FYI a am african american so don’t come at me abno RACIST S***

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