LHHMIA Recap: Joy & Trina Get Even with Zoey + Amara & Vonshae Nearly Come to Blows

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Zoey has no choice but to deal with the fallout from her blowup with Trina and Joy. Joy doesn’t appreciate Zoey labeling them as mean girls. As for Trina, she doesn’t want any part of the drama. So she tells Supa Cindy that she doesn’t want Zoey to be a part of the Queens Don’t Compete project. Zoey goes off when she learns she’s been pushed out. 

Vonshae and Amara clash in front of the group. Amara was caught off guard. However, Vonshae says that Amara was fully aware she cooled off on the friendship. And it wasn’t cool for Amara to do this amid the GoFundMe backlash. The two women nearly come to blows. 

Plus, Gaelle warns Florence not to trust Claudia. 

Here’s a recap for, “Purseholders.”

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  1. Chile bye Trina ass thinks it’s all about her, she wants to be the the captain of every fucking ship, and they follow her tired a-s around giving her exactly what she wants, joy clearly is a puppet has no voice nor clue that Trina really doesn’t give two ducks about her, as long as your doing what Trina wants it’s. All fine ànd well, she always thought she was better than other’s, joy clearly NEEDS TO open up her eyes and have a voice for herself, and old as Trina is she’s supposed to be uplifting women not bringing other’s down, that’s definitely one of the reasons they FIRED her a-s from 99 jam’s here in Miami FL talking to d-mn much thinking she’s better than other’s and trying to run sh-t at those people’s radio show, but they definitely showed her a-s, she’s definitely a piece of work, TIRED A-S

  2. I am very disappointed in Trina. I’ve always believed that she was a woman’s woman who tried to uplift other women. Her 1st interaction with Zoey was just plain rude. The 2nd interaction she allowed Joy to disrespect Zoey. Not uplifting!

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