LHHMIA Recap: Fabo Addresses the Rumors + Amara & Vonshae’s Feud Escalates

LHHMIA Season 5 Episode 9 Recap
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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Shay is still trying to figure things out with Fabo and her family. So it doesn’t help when a major rumor is spread on the internet about Fabo. It’s alleged he was engaged to another woman when he hooked up with Shay. The accusations aren’t something Shay really wanted to discuss. Regardless, Fabo denies ever being engaged to the woman. 

While Shay and Fabo are moving out, Emjay confronts Fabo for his treatment of Sandra. The two men nearly come to blows. 

Trina and Zoey Brinxx finally have the conversation they need to have. Zoey apologizes and clarifies that her “Mean Girl” comment was a joke. And Trina is willing to move on from the drama. 

Plus, Amara and Vonshae’s beef becomes physical. 

Here’s a recap for, “Claws Out.”

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  1. That’s what Shay gets for trying to be mediator in a feud that has nothing to do with her. Sometimes you just have to let people work out their own problems.

  2. I’m trying to understand this anger Vonshae has towards Amara!!!…. It’s not making any kind of sense to me!!! I truly believe she’s taking her anger and frustration she has with her husband out on Amara!! Nobody is responsible for the situations she’s going through… Nobody told her to marry that man when she damn well knew he had those demons/problems attached to him!!! That’s where her anger needs to be towards!!! But u only knew Amara for a few months?!?…Come on now girl…. She’s looking for a moment because she’s honestly been doing too much when it comes to the Amara situation!!!

    1. I definitely agree. I think Vonshae is jealous of Amara. When you go to throwing people business out in public, you can tell she’s jealous.

  3. Vonshay has an issue with herself. She keeps talking about her career but out here being physical with people. She gone have a assault charge if she don’t get a grip on things then ur whole career will be over before it starts. She knew the type of man she had and she got pregnant and married him anyway knowing she not about that life

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