LAMH Recap: Marsau Puts KeKe on Blast + LaTisha is Done

LAMH Season 6 Episode 22 Marsau
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KeKe’s Husband confronts Marsau for his “drug test” comments.

The episode begins with the aftermath of KeKe throwing a drink in LaTisha’s face. Marsau demands Maurice calls the police and drug test Keke. Ameen gets angry at the comment and he has to be separated from Marsau before a physical altercation occurs.

They’re eventually pushed out of the event but not before KeKe responds that Marsau needs a lie detector test. In an interview, Maurice feels Ameen should have pulled away KeKe after she threw the drink and Kimmi agrees. Outside the event, Melody and Stormi talk to KeKe and find out why she threw the drink. KeKe says she felt disrespected by LaTisha’s cold shoulder in light of the drama involving the latest allegations of Marsau cheating. 

Meanwhile, Kimmi and Marsau are talking to LaTisha. Kimmi is wondering why KeKe’s involved with the latest rumor despite someone else going to KeKe with the information. Marsau tells Kimmi that KeKe is lying about it all. In their interview, LaTisha says she’s done with KeKe and Marsau says KeKe’s jealous of LaTisha’s life.

“She wishes she had what LaTisha has.”

Back at their car, despite being Marsau’s frat brother, Ameen tells Melody he wants to put his hands on Marsau. 
Eventually, KeKe and Ameen leave and the event continues. Melody checks on Marsau. He’s fed up with the rumors that LaTisha calls KeKe’s lies. To brighten the day, Tiffany arrives with Baby Ace. She arrives in time for Kimmi’s new Jeep to be delivered. Kimmi’s excited about the gift.

KeKe’s addiction is still a topic at the BBQ.

Later on, LaTisha and KeKe’s cousin Courtney arrive and LaTisha tells her about what happened with Tiffany listening on. Courtney tells LaTisha that she may need to check Marsau, and LaTisha scoffs. LaTisha and Marsau explain that they were told about the rumor around the time KeKe called LaTisha asking to tell her about the rumor in person.

Next, LaTisha and Marsau talk about KeKe’s CrimeStoppers allegations with Courtney. Courtney has KeKe’s back but her cousins think otherwise. Marsau then jokes about KeKe being on drugs. While Marsau explains why he stepped in, Stormi uses the moment to take shots regarding her interactions with Marsau.

He tells Stormi that he’s not going to fight any man over his wife’s altercations. This leads to Marsau embracing being called a *****. Martell steps in and says this isn’t cool. Maurice says Stormi tried to trigger Marsau to say something to get Courtney involved.

Despite this, Stormi says she doesn’t feel she was out of line and that Marsau’s antics warranted the comment.

Marsau makes Stormi cry.

Courtney is still holding her cousin down supporting KeKe but Marsau is fed up. He shoots out to Courtney that he picked up KeKe off the street multiple times while high and feels backstabbed by her. So he’s not here for any empathy for KeKe’s addiction recovery. Therefore, he’s defending “not being a bigger person” and not demanding KeKe gets drug tested.

Marsau’s comments make Stormi very uncomfortable so she speaks out in defense of KeKe. This results in Stormi crying when she talks about her friend’s drug addiction. When she gets up from the table, Courtney follows to console her. Marsau gets up and apologizes to Stormi. It’s at this point Stormi leaves. The Fletchers and Martell walk her out. Before she leaves, Nell consoles Stormi. 

Meanwhile, Marsau’s back to defending his actions with LaTisha adding that KeKe lied to her again and again. It’s at this point she tells Courtney that she’s done with their cousin.

Courtney’s willing to talk to Marsau once more.

The next day, Martell has Chris and Courtney in the gym with his trainer. After their workout, they recap what occurred at the party. During this conversation, Courtney expresses frustration with Marsau’s antics but Martell responds that Stormi can’t be calling Marsau a *****.

Despite this, Courtney tells Chris and Martell that he’s willing to have one final conversation. 

Meanwhile, when Martell says he found a home, Courtney jokingly asks if he found a place in Atlanta or Huntsville. Martell laughs.

Lastly, Chris and Courtney are going to take a DNA test to find out if they’re really related. They recently learned they have family in a very small town nearby.

Melody asks KeKe to take a drug test to prove everyone wrong.

Meanwhile, Ameen and KeKe are at their storage unit, looking after their belongings as they’re moving into a new home. Their oldest son is transferring to another team to improve his prospects of earning a college scholarship.

While at the storage unit, Melody calls and she comes by. When she arrives, Melody and KeKe talk about what happened. Ameen says that he respects Maurice but has none for Marsau. When Melody says LaTisha still has respect and likes Ameen, both Ameen and LaTisha say this is a lie. In fact, KeKe says LaTisha’s been taking shots at Ameen since KeKe began dating him.

Next, Ameen expresses his frustration with Marsau seemingly getting the perfect moment to demand a drug test. He brings up the last time he stood up to Marsau last season. Despite this, KeKe feels bad for her actions. She admits it was wrong to throw the drink. Melody then brings up what was said after KeKe and Ameen left.

This leads Melody to suggest that she proves them all wrong by taking a drug test to prove she’s not on drugs. And she brought a drug test.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Marsau is a b****. He always have so much to say to woman and when peoples husbands aren’t around. When Kiki’s husband was coming for that a** his a** was playing ring around the Rosie. Than he had so much to say when he got in the house. I agree with stormi, Marsau is a b****. Stay out of woman s***. I’m not sure why Tisha is with your disrespectful a**.

  2. Well, well! We all have our own perspective. Yes, Marsau will hold what he thinks is a funny sarcastic conversation with women. He was raised to be dominant and that’s who he is and that’s who Tisha married. Now that Tisha has started earning her own money, she does not want to be dominated anymore.

    As for Keke, she has a problem and that’s evident. Tisha didn’t want to speak with you. I don’t think it would have gone well whether she spoke or not. Keke was there to bring up drama. So, Tisha did what was best for her. Keke couldn’t get the power from Tisha so she pouted like a kid and pushed the cards and threw the drink.

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on all levels. Marsua defended his wife as he should have. From my eyes, some people want to say anything to you but they want to control what you say back to them. That’s not how it goes.

    That old saying, don’t start none and it won’t be none. I do believe that Tisha and Marsua care very much for Ameem. Ameem is trying to pacify his wife by lying and saying that they don’t. Keke is unhappy and has so many problems that she is trying to take it out on others.

    Now, why would Melody ask KeKe to take a drug test? That’s the question of the night. Will Keke take it? No!

    If you don’t know about the power of addiction, how can you speak on it? Keke needs help! Not to be discussed, analyzed or fixed. Real Talk and Real Help! I bet that once that happens, her and Tisha will be able to rebuild their relationship.

    Good Luck!

    P.S. A season with substance is good but delicate.

    1. Inger,
      Here you go again…….. Do you have any credentials that qualify you to diagnose anyone as a substance user. You have a right to your opinion and Stan whoever on the show, but you won’t keep making ignorant comments each time something regarding Keke is posted.
      We’ve seen on reality shows numerous fights…..real fights, Keke flips, (not intentionally throw) a cup , as luck would have it, it landed perfectly. Are we to assume EVERY reality star that fight is on drugs?? If so, throw the whole bad girl club, away then.
      I would say you are the one needing help, your fixation with bashing this women at every opportunity, is weird.
      If you’re so obsessed with addicts, take a look around you, the very ppl you admire or trust maybe the “functional addiction “, your doctors, lawyers, teachers, politicians, etc…….. I know because I work with them daily , helping them to get back on track.
      Keke is battling her demons and honest about it, you however need to get your issues under control.

      1. Who are you talking to?

        Do we know each other? We are clearly on two different levels.

        As a recovering person of 36years uninterrupted sobriety, I can say a lot.

        This isn’t my story. It’s my perception. We can all see things differently. The grace that we are all given is the right to see, be and do things differently.

        I’m also an educated woman who is far from being ignorant.

        May God Bless whoever you are and whoever you are trying to be.

  3. Marsau is all bark and no Bite! Was I the only one to see him backing up when KeKe husband was coming after him? He was suppose to stand there and swing, instead he was running and still talking sh*t!!

  4. Tisha is constantly saying somebody’s coming for her marriage. The
    very first official meeting with the Fletcher’s, “ Tisha asked have y’all ever
    experienced infidelity in YALL marriage”? Marsau and Tisha does an excellent
    job of deflecting the conversation away from his cheating to KeKe’s addiction.
    I find it ironic that they’re talking about all they did for Keke but they can’t
    ex knowledge what MS. MARTELL, AND MELODY did for them. The nerves of
    Tisha and Marsau, we know the both of them are from the wrong side of the
    railroad tracks and it shows. The Scott’s Criminal record is so long they could
    use it as a book faker because that’s all they do is fake everything they do.
    KeKe keep doing you but I would pay Tisha DUST.

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