‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Brooke & Brittany Make Peace + Clayanna Activates Brooke

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Vanessa and Clayanna have tension.

Clayanna, Vanessa, and Brittany go shopping for Jackie’s upcoming trip to Arizona. Vanessa learns quickly that Clayanna and Brittany feel like she didn’t have their backs when they had some tension with the OGs. In a green screen interview, Vanessa says she’s starting to believe Clayanna is a troublemaker. And she shouldn’t be forced to pick a side for things she has nothing to do with. 

While the cast is en route to Arizona, they all discuss the drama. Brittany realizes she had too much to drink on the night she clashed with Brooke. And she really did body shame her first. Meanwhile, Brooke is also thinking Clayanna is stirring the pot a bit too much. She thinks she put a battery in Brittany’s back. 

Brooke and Brittany are ready to move forward. 

Brittany tells Jac’Eil and Clayanna that she body-shamed Brooke first but didn’t know because she had too much to drink.  She only attacked Brooke’s physical appearance because she’s been dealing with her own insecurities. While Jac’Eil is happy to see Brittany take accountability, Clayanna says this isn’t how she remembers things going despite flashback scenes showing Brittany is correct. Clayanna and Jac’Eil end up arguing because Clayanna thinks Jac’Eil went too easy on Brooke. In a green screen interview, Brittany says she doesn’t understand why Clayanna is more angry than her. 

Brooke and Brittany are able to hash things out away from the group. Brittany apologizes for her behavior. Brooke appreciates the apology and she feels Brittany has proven to be a very mature woman. They agree to move forward. 

Clayanna and Brooke get into it. 

Jackie throws Brooke a birthday party. Brittany is invited after she and Brooke make peace. Jennifer surprises everyone when she shows up. The good energy begins to die down after Clayanna arrives. She doesn’t speak to anyone and Jennifer thinks this has become a pattern for her. 

Brooke greets Clayanna to ask her if she is going to speak to her on her birthday. Clayanna gives her a hug and tells her happy birthday. Jackie goes over to Clayanna to try to see how she’s feeling about the group. When Vanessa comes over, they begin arguing over the “pecking order” for the wives/girlfriends/baby mommas of NBA players. Clayanna thinks she’s on the same level as a wife and this doesn’t sit well with Vanessa. As their argument escalates, Clayanna accuses Vanessa of threatening to expose Brooke. Vanessa denies ever saying this. 

In a green screen interview, Brooke says she doesn’t believe anything Clayanna says because she lies a lot. So Brooke wants proof. At some point, things escalate between Brooke and Clayanna. Brooke tells Clayanna to get her finger out of her face. Clayanna says she can stick it wherever she pleases. As security begins to restrain them, Brooke throws her drink in Clayanna’s face. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 


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  1. Jennifer I will say I commend you for standing up to a man who you wanted to expose to the world even though it didn’t go as planned. God will get you the justice you and so many others deserve. Trust me

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