‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Phaedra Tells Gregory That She Has Concerns About Sweet Tea

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On the recent episode of “Married to Medicine,” Quad once again has questions about her friendship with Heavenly. She didn’t think it was cool to see Heavenly hanging out with Lateasha on Instagram. She just expected more loyalty. Regardless, unbeknownst to Quad, Heavenly has been busy applying pressure to Tea. She causes Tea to break down when she questions if it’s true that Tea is in therapy for dating older men. 

Turns out, Tea is in a Facebook group for “age gap” relationships. Regardless, Phaedra and Toya take this to mean it’s a sugar baby support group. And they don’t hold back when Tea invites them to help her find a wedding dress. Things only worsen when the price tag of Tea’s dress is spotted by the others. 

Tea’s blunders and the age gap results in Phaedra attempting to check on Gregory about his plans to marry. Phaedra thinks he should be fearful but Greg says Quad is one who scared him. Tea is his safe space. 

Here’s a recap for, “Heard It Through the Grapevine.”

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  1. I’m sorry I can’t look at Dr. Greg’s wife mouth… it’s disgusting to look st her mouth with those teeth. She looks like Mr. Ed’s wife. She is very insecure and childish. After tonight’s episode I recorded it but I fast forward every time she was on. She is nothing but a Gold Digger and this is not hating. I am married to a sport agent and you see individuals like her all the time. Just my opinion.

  2. Greg, looks pitiful, he is dealing with a kid, I’m not to keen on Quad, but at least she had some class. This girl is childess and think sex is all that’s required to catch a real man. Relationship are more than sex and Greg shows his immaturity with this girl. It’s pathetic as the way he acts towards her, it seems like nothing they have in common it SEX.. that will get old. What’s wrong with her Mouth? Every time she talks I cringe!!!!😬

  3. Black women can be some of the biggest bullies ever and I hate that for us. It’s sad to see grown women think it’s acceptable to degrade someone for their looks and body type. This whole show is toxic. And fans just eat it right up sadly. This isn’t entertaining. It’s disturbing.

    1. I agree and I wasn’t raised to pick on people and be a bully so I don’t think this is funny or entertaining either. Heavenly and Jackie are evil for asking Tea to be on the show just to humiliate her. Black women as a whole need to treat each other better.

      1. I agree with you both. Some people will sell their souls just to make a dollar, and that includes black women tearing down other black women. Sadly, these are so-called “professional women.”

        Heavenly and Jackie are two of the worst human beings I’ve ever seen. I don’t care if this is a reality show, their characters are just representatives of who they actually are. The things is they’re just getting paid to be who they are deep inside. Yet, they claim to be Christians. Miss me with that!

  4. I’m honestly not surprised to see elder black women bully a millennial. A lot of them are mean spirited to younger black women. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. I guess Quad forgot that they looked down on her the same way they are doing Tea when she first came on the show. Jackie was the ringleader – she said Quad was too ghetto and uncultured for the show. Mariah was the only one who had her back then. But now she’s enjoying seeing it happen to someone else. These women are gross.

  6. Every season Dr. Jackie is showing hersel to a truly mean girl. She throws the rocks and stands behind Heave ly’s loud mouth self. Jackie and Heavenly are a real pair, they talked Leteasha into coming on the show to be the main ones dragging her, out of friendship with Quad. Who believes that?
    Quad has forgotten how she has been dragging Toya for years, and doesn’t understand why Toya does not like her. Girl, bye.

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