‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Lou Lou Causes a Big Problem for Raq + Kanan Clashes With Jukebox

Paul gets roughed up by Ronnie.

Ronnie and his men snatch Paul up out of his apartment. They drag him to Kanan’s place where he is told no one liked his threat to run to the police.

Ronnie also runs up on Famous as he is packing his things. Kanan eventually gets Ronnie to back off when he says he can handle Famous on his own. 

Howard finds out the feds want more information on Marvin. He also sees Scrappy’s mom in the percent talking to another detective and intervenes. 

Marvin arrives to Gerald’s place to see his daughters sitting in the car waiting on him. He takes them inside and asks Gerald what he has been up to. Gerald looks startled and under the influence. Marvin scolds him and demands Gerald get it together for the sake of his kids. 

Meanwhile, Famous is back home and reconciles with his mom. He tells her he’s not leaving again. His mom embraces him. And Jukebox gets news with her bandmates that they’re going to be opening up for Shanice. 

Howard stops Scrappy’s mom from talking to detectives. 

Scrappy’s mom tells Howard that Lou Lou told her that her son was murdered. And she thinks he witnessed it. Howard tells her to keep this information to herself because she will have to prove all of this. He will so some to do some research. 

And as Gerald sobers up, Marvin helps him look after the kids. Gerald informs him that their mom is also addicted and is now where to be found.

Famous moves back in with his mother. They agree their past issues weren’t big enough for them to stop peaking like they did.

Howard tells Raq that Lou told him Scrappy was murdered by her people. And he confessed this while he was drunk. Raq assures Howard that she will handle the situation. Gerald admits he has a serious drug problem. 

Lou Lou is in the studio drinking, in his feelings listening to a famous track and Marvin joins Raq at a spot where Unique moved his drugs. The managers of the Chinese restaurant are nervous about working with Raq in light of what happened with Unique.

They inform Raq and Marvin that they’ll need to talk to the owner about extending this relationship. 

Jukebox clashes with Kanan.

At the dance studio, Kanan picks up Iesha for a movie date. When they leave, Jukebox warns Krystal to leave Kanan alone. 

Back at the restaurant, Raq and Marvin get a breakthrough and agree. 

When they make it to the movie, Iesha and Kanan make out but she stops him before things go further. Disappointed, Kanan stays and Iesha goes home.

Later on, Marvin confronts Lou Lou at the studio and tells Lou Lou he needs to handle Scrappy’s mom. Meanwhile, Raq is scoping out the other restaurants. Pernessa also returns home but Ronnie tells her to leave. Ronnie is told by his lady friend that Pernessa could be a problem for him. 

Back at the stakeout, Raq takes note of the delivery truck at the restaurant she’s watching.

The next day, Howard speaks with Captain Burke at the station about Burke’s daughter. Meanwhile, Raq heads to the address of the delivery truck and speaks with the owners of the truck and the company that supplies the restaurants. Howard then gets news about joining the FBI task force. 

Jukebox also confronts Kanan at the apartment with Ronnie present about what happened with Iesha. When Jukebox leaves Kanan tells Ronnie to leave Jukebox alone. 

Lou Lou handles Scrappy’s mom.

When Captain Burke leaves the precinct, he speaks with Adina and wants to learn what happened to cause Shannon to harm herself. But Adina says it could’ve been any number of factors and to leave it be. Ronnie also confronts Pernessa and warns her that the person who harmed Unique is still out there. 

Lou Lou’s mom also visits him at the bar, asking for money because Raq’s cut came up short. He reluctantly gives her some cash and tells her to leave. Jukebox, meanwhile, reveals details about Kanan’s operation with Ronnie to Raq which angers her. Meanwhile, Kanan visits Krystal at her place. 

Lastly, Marvin takes Lou Lou to Scrappy’s mom’s house. There Marvin tells Lou Lou to go handle her, which he reluctantly does. But before he shoots Scrappy’s mom, he apologizes to her. 

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