‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Lou Lou Causes a Big Problem for Raq + Kanan Clashes With Jukebox

Raisng Kanan Season 3 episode 7 Recap
Photo Credit: Starz

In tonight’s “Raising Kanan,” Raq learns about Lou Lou spilling the beans to Scrappy’s mom. As a result of Lou Lou’s action, Raq has Marvin and Lou Lou handle the lady. 

Meanwhile, Raq speaks with Unique’s supplier and the restaurant owners who stored and helped move his supply. This is to take over Unique’s operations. 

Next, Ronnie checks Paul for Kanan and runs off Famous. Famous ends up back home, apologizing to his mom. 

Lastly, Kanan messes over Iesha, going against Jukebox’s warning. In realization, Jukebox gives Raq info on Kanan’s partnership with Ronnie. 

Here’s the recap for “Where All Are Guilty.”

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