Nell Fletcher Responds to Chris Fletcher’s Daughter Calling Her His Former Side Chick

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Chris Fletcher’s daughter made some controversial accusations during a new interview.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Nell Fletcher and Chris Fletcher officially joined the cast during the latest season. One of the most talked about scenes featured a dinner table scene with the couple’s blended family. Lexi McCollum, Chris’ oldest daughter from his first marriage, made quite the first impression on viewers. Lexi clashed with Nell and Chris as well as all of her siblings. She accused Chris of never really being there for her. And she also said that she was treated like somewhat of an outcast. After the episode aired, LAMH fans took to social media to say they wanted more scenes from the Fletcher family. Others questioned why there was so much contention in the family.

Well, Lexi recently did an interview that only added to the family drama. While speaking to YouTuber Giving You the Real T, Lexi made an interesting accusation. She alleged that Nell pursued Chris while he was married to her mother.

“My Mom and Chris were married for almost three years. But of course, I was three, I don’t really remember. So all I know of him is him with Lernail.”

She continued, “So the treatment has always been the same because Lernail’s always been there. She actually broke up my parents’ marriage, she was the other woman in my parents’ marriage.”

Nell Fletcher denied being Chris Fletcher’s former side chick.

Lexi also said her mother couldn’t get rid of Chris.

“She actually got pregnant while my parents were married. And once I guess Chris realized that my mother was not going to take him back…I mean she had a hard time trying to get him to sign the divorce papers. You can ask his mother about that. Hey Maddie.”

Lexi added, “She had a really hard time trying to get him to sign the papers. So after he realized she was not going to take him back, they got divorced. And then he married his side chick, I mean Lernail.”

Nell responded to the accusations during an Instagram Live session.

“I don’t say much about nothing. I don’t comment about much. But I felt like, you know what? I need to go live and I need to let all my supporters know that’s not true. Miss Nell don’t roll like that. Miss Nell ain’t playing no side chick for nobody. Okay? That’s just not how it goes.”

Nell said she’s been honest and good to all of their children.

“I don’t play no side chick to anybody. I don’t believe in telling lies. If you’re gonna tell something, tell the truth. Tell the whole darn truth. Don’t get on here lying trying to make yourself look good ’cause Miss Nell ain’t did nothing but been good to her whole family. All my children, even my bonus child. So I don’t appreciate the lies that were told and spread out there in the universe. I don’t operate like that. I don’t have no lie to tell. But I will be addressing it. What I want y’all to do is stay tuned, stay tuned because we will be talking about this.”

She confirmed this will be addressed on the next season of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.”

“But what I want to say is stay tuned for Season 7, ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ and you guys will get the truth.”


  1. Girl, was there a good reason for that? Throwing dirt is not the only way to get screen time. It will get you a lot of negative feedback.

  2. I don’t know what is true or not but men have to start thinking about the long term effects of breaking up their families. It gets really deep. And it’s just not worth the problems and trauma.

  3. The way Lexi performed at her parents home was enough for me to conclude that I’m not feeling her.
    Now she’s having interviews and disrespecting her Father’s wife. That’s not how you do things. What has Mrs. Nell done so bad to her? All she has to do is speak to Mrs. Nell and resolve whatever issues. She needs to do the same with her Father.
    The tantrums aren’t needed.

      1. They all were very disrespectful to each other. No way would we allow our kids, grown or sit in our face, our home and talk like that. These grown a** kids don’t have any home training. And that’s on Chris, Nell and the ex wife. Those children shouldn’t be be cursing and arguing back and forth with the parents and vice versa. No way this would be our kids. Period

  4. So this is how you solve a family issue? People are willing to sell any part of their life or soul for a check. If i knew my family had a lot of behind the scenes issues and hurt, I would never have introduced them to the world on TV.

  5. I intend to believe Nell. She appears very much to be a straight shooter and it’s evident Chris loves her very much. They are a team. His daughter made a fool of herself on this platform and possibly ruined any credibility she may have had by her histrionics at the dinner and then storming off after her father was trying to talk to her. If my memory serves me correct he jumped up and ran put to see how his child….this grown adult cry baby was doing. He strikes me as a parent that loves his children as does Nell. They get my vote here.

  6. Good girl .tell thr truth. If her father and didr chick can’t take or, they should not have fone it. They need to be exposed for what they both were and are. Quit pretending to be something else
    Admit it. She got herself knocked up to get someone else’s man.

  7. Wait a minute—- didn’t she say she was 3 years old when her parents broke up???? Ok. As women and especially as mothers- we have to be very careful and mindful of what we discuss in front of children, especially when discussing their fathers. I don’t care how sorry a SOB my kids father was— I would not speak ill of him in front of my kids and didn’t allow anyone else to speak ill of him to them or in front of him. Chris’s daughter can’t get over the fact that he moved on and she is pissed that he’s living the life he has with Nell and not with her mother. Trust me I have lived this with step kids. She’s not gonna stop until she causes some type of situation between Chris and Nell. Pray. I’m telling you— pray.

  8. It seems Lexy was jealous of what her siblings had. When you live in a separate household there will be some things your siblings have that you don’t have there, that’s their all the time residence. Just like she has certain things at home with her mom because that’s her fulltime residence. Growing I stayed at my Dad house with his girlfriend and her children most weekends. They bought me lots of stuff but I didn’t expect to have everything my stepsisters had because they lived there every day. That’s not mistreatment, that’s just reality. Lexy whole argument is she was treated unfairly because of the amount of material things her siblings had.

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