LAMH Recap: Chris and Nell’s Dinner Ends in Chaos + Stormi Gets Keke and Tiffany to Talk

Season 6 Episode 25 Recap
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During the latest “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Chris and Nell’s family dinner ends in chaos. Their oldest daughter Lexi storms out as her siblings side with Chris and Nell regarding how Lexi feels treated by everyone. Nell’s issues with Chris Jr. are seemingly unresolved as he’s now avoiding answering Nell’s calls after the dinner.

Next, Martell finds a new home to rent and moves out of the home Chris Fletcher’s been looking to sell for his client. Meanwhile, Melody questions why her best friend and cousin didn’t attend her ceremony last week. Melody also solicits her help in finding new love.

Lastly, Stormi gets Keke to sit down with Tiffany in one more attempt to hash things out.

Here’s the recap for, “A Stormi is Brewing.”

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  1. I’m siding with Nell. As Mothers we tdnd yo coddle our kids because we like to keep them happy but when we stop and put our feet down it’s a problem.
    Tiffany brought her baby as a shield against Keke. She thinks her baby will somehow protect her.

  2. I stand in agreement with Nelle. Chris Jr and Alexi need to drop the entitlement syndrome which alot of kids millennials have harvested as part of the DNA. Your parents money is not your money as many of them seem to think. The arrogance of self entitlement was nauseating to watch and sadly this scene is playing out in homes all across the country. Not a good look and hopefully seeing their actions on screen will send a needed wake up call. Good parents are a gift everybody doesn’t get.
    Tiffany should seriously listen to her husband that this show is not good for their marriage. Listen while you have time. Mel is living her best life now.

    1. Well said, Sephora59! I concur!

      I’m glad that Chris and Nelle are hopefully, joining the cast full-time. Their family dynamic is what Love & Marriage is all about. Kudos to Nelle for standing her ground. Yes, the new generation does seem to feel entitled. Entitled to what? Generational wealth still has to be earned.

      I also agree that KeKe needs to stop while she can. This show is not for her. There are too many skeletons and they’re not for everyone to know about.

      As for Mel, I’m glad to see her get back to life but having a name change celebration as if it’s a wedding was not necessary. She could have spent that money on a trip or something else. Yes, I do believe that it was a dig at Martell. Be free of Martell! Because the first time you present a big fine hunk, that will be all the revenge you’ll need. He will not be able to handle it, trust me. I don’t care how many women he goes through.

      Martell is immature. Now, Sheree and you are done so quickly and you ran back to the baby moma. Martell, you’re just using women for your own personal gain. You need to go back to the Doctor/Therapist.

      I’m wishing this show success but you all definitely need to do some revamping.

      Best Wishes!

  3. I believe the show is building up Chris n Nell’s role, so that Tiffany n Louis can gracefully exit, which they need to. Tiffany isn’t a good fit and hasn’t been from the start, as my opinion. I also wonder does KeKe really need to be on this show. I commend her on her recovery, but it seems fragile. Her behavior at the BBQ was inexcusable regardless of LaTesha’s actions. Keke needs to be focused on strengthening and maintaining her recovery. Not about LaTesha n Marsal’s marriage, nor what falls out of Tiffany’s goofball mouth.

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