SummerHouseMV: The Possible Return of Past Housemates Concerns Bria Fleming & Preston Mitcum

Preston Summer House Marthas Vineyard Season 2
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Bria Fleming and Preston Mitchum become frustrated with the possibility of Phil Brooks and Mariah Torres returning.

A new mix of old and new faces causes fresh drama on the next episode of “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard.” Firstly, in the upcoming episode, it’s revealed that Phil Brooks may return to the summer house. Last season, Phil’s brief stay became rather tense. He was one of the last to arrive at the house, and Phil said it was because of a flight delay. Phil told Bria Fleming to hold a room for him until he arrived. However, when he arrived, he didn’t have a room. Frustrated, he ended up pooping in Nick Arrington’s bathroom and refused to flush. This action became Nick’s major point of contention, along with Amir Lancaster. Preston Mitchum didn’t like how Phil taunted him, calling him soft.

Phil was kicked out of the house for these actions.

The group discusses it in the upcoming episode. Preston vents to Amir, who’s grilling, telling Amir that he hates that he’s the only gay person in the house. Despite this, Bria is okay with this. She calls Phil to tell him about the house meeting. Here, Phil lets Bria, Noelle Hugley, and Shanice Henderson know he’s been talking to Mariah Torres.

In fact, Mariah is likely returning, too, and their friend Jasmine Marie Thomas okayed it, which frustrates Bria. Bria’s friendship with Jasmine is already rocky, which will surely make things even more difficult. Last season, Mariah was removed from the house after she shoved Bria during an argument over Bria’s dog items, which were placed in the laundry with Mariah’s clothes by Amir.

Bria feels violated by Jasmine for wanting Mariah to return after their altercation.

Alex Tyree realizes he has competition when he sees Noelle flirting with a new guy in the house.

Meanwhile, the group is having a foam pool party in the rain. A new guy, Andre, is at the party and catches Noelle’s attention. Alex Tyree sees Andre and Noelle talking during the pool party, and they’re all in the hot tub. Their conversation becomes rather flirty as it goes on.

In her green screen, Noelle says she’s happy there’s “new meat” in the house who hasn’t hooked up with anyone.

Last week, Noelle and Summer talked about Alex. Noelle wanted to be sure it was okay with Summer before talking to Alex. During the season premiere, it came out that Alex and Summer had a fling after season one. However, for Summer, it was only a fling — nothing more.

Noelle makes it known that she’s not tied down and she “can do what [she wants].”

So Andre and Noelle really hit things off when they share a cupcake and a kiss, all in front of Alex, who looks on with disgust.


  1. Phil and Mariah aren’t needed. Fans only hype them up because they are annoyed with Bria and Preston. In real life no one would want to be around Mariah after she assaulted them and showed no remorse. And no one in real life would want to live with someone who poops in another person’s toilet and refuses to flush out of spite. I’m good on both. No thanks.

      1. Jasmine doesn’t give a f-ck about anyone’s feelings but hers and Silas. Mariah aside, wanting Phil back when he made the entire house uncomfortable is so sh-tty.

  2. Okay so this show is about to become stupid as f-ck too. Why the f-ck would any of them want a grown a-s man around who sh-ts in toilets and doesn’t flush for revenge? Mariah really doesn’t deserve the fanfare. People throw common sense out the door when they don’t like someone. She didn’t even apologize to Bria. That shows her character imo. Nothing Bria did warranted that goofy sh-t Mariah did. I’ll stop watching this show with the quickness if it turns ratchet.

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