SHMV Star Amir Lancaster & Girlfriend Regret Treatment of Nick Arrington

Amir Lancaster SHMV Reunion
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Amir Lancaster’s girlfriend caused a stir during the SHMV couples’ weekend.

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” cast member Amir Lancaster probably didn’t anticipate that his girlfriend coming to the house would cause drama. However, this happened when Natalie Cortes arrived for the couples’ weekend. She spoke with Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, and Noelle Hughley. Nick Arrington became the topic. He was once again accused of being “handsy.” Natalie volunteered to pull Nick’s girlfriend, Tasia, aside to inform her of his alleged behavior. When Natalie attempted to do this, Tasia declined to speak to Natalie. Nick later called out the ladies to tell them what had gone down. Natalie escaped any accountability. Fans of the show expressed outrage over this on social media.

Some fans strongly believe Natalie was the instigator. So it bothered them that the cast didn’t call out Natalie. Interestingly, the backlash hasn’t changed Amir’s strong feelings for Natalie. He recently said he would consider leaving the show if Natalie isn’t a full-time cast member next season. Amir doesn’t believe he will enjoy his time in the house if Natalie isn’t there daily.

In a new interview with the Daily Dish, Amir and Natalie discuss the situation with Nick. Natalie said she would do things differently now.

“I probably would’ve left it to the girls to have the conference with Tasia, and tried to have her back versus being the one to bring it to her. I feel like my intentions were never to get into the drama or to make anybody feel a certain type of way. I’m a girl’s girl and I like to have girls’ backs, but yeah … Maybe I would just have given Nick a heads up, too, and been like, ‘Hey, this is kind of the situation at hand.’”

Amir is on the same page.

“I probably would’ve tried to help Natalie navigate her first time being in the house a little bit better. That was a ball that I dropped … things just got away from me in a way that I don’t think we ever anticipated them to. I just didn’t do a good enough job making sure my partner would’ve been away from all the B.S. that is our house.”


  1. Damage control. Natalie doesn’t need to be a cast member. Amir is being used and he’s too naive to see it.

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