LHHMIA Recap: Safaree Proposes to Amara

LHHMIA Season 5 Episode 23 Recap
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On the latest “Love and Hip Hop: Miami,” Safaree has a huge change of heart regarding how things ended with Amara. Safaree talks to Marcus about his feelings with Amara and is inspired to make a major decision. So, Safaree flies down to the DR and surprises Amara with guests and family at her daughter’s birthday party.

He surprises everyone when he proposes to Amara.

Meanwhile, Amara has a tough conversation with Allan and Allan’s mom. Amara witnesses Allan openly flirting and hugging Gaelle at an event. Allan’s mom then accuses Amara of putting witchcraft on her. She also gets furious when she learns Shay and Fabo are holding her twins.

Lastly, Hawt Topic throws a drink at Gaelle when Gaelle confronts Trick Daddy about his nieces, and Eliza has a heart-to-heart with her daughter about her pregnancy.

Here’s the recap for “Stunt Queen.”

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  1. Even if safaree and Amara don’t get married I’m happy that she was able to experience that moment in front of her disrespectful bum a-s baby daddy cause he is disrespectful on a different level . Especially that Gyal situation I would have been in jail.

  2. Watch out Amara. Safaree is not serious about you. If I were you I wouldn’t accept his proposal. He will continue to break your heart time and time again. People are ignorant. Why ruin someone’s special moment because it’s not YOU!

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