SummerHouseMV Highlights: Summer and Jordan Clash + Bria Walks Off on the Group

Preston Summer House Season 2
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The group lets loose during a pool party.

The latest “Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” started off light and fun. However, it ended with multiple disagreements and even a drunken back-and-forth between Jordan and Summer.

First, the group decided to have a suds-filled pool party. The party was very wet as it was raining. But this didn’t stop the fun. Amir led a slip-and-slide contest. Jasmine did her best to protect her hair, and Shanice, once again, got naked, going skinny dipping and sliding down the slip-and-slide. She also had friends show up, Andre and Kendrix. Both were seemingly single, and Noelle openly flirted with one of them in front of Alex.


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The talk of Mariah and Phil returning causes tension.

The next morning, Jasmine talks to Jordan about potential visitors and new additions to their vacation, with Jordan listening on. Jasmine tells them that Mariah was invited to show up for a weekend. Mariah did have tension last season and was removed from the house after pushing Bria. Jasmine mentions that she and Mariah are back in a good place. They had lots of FaceTime calls, and they were able to hash things out.
Summer then brings up Phil as he wants to visit. Jasmine and Jordan bring up what Phil did during his short time in the house last season. But Jasmine feels everyone deserves a second chance.

The group calls a meeting to discuss Mariah and Phil. Preston mentions how Phil made him uncomfortable last season, and Alex is confused about why Bria wants Phil in the house. But Phil will be in Martha’s Vineyard anyway with another group and she wants to hang out with him.

But when Mariah’s name comes up, Bria walks off when Preston and others say they want Mariah to show up. Amir jokes about not doing laundry as he inadvertently caused the drama with Bria and Mariah.

After the meeting, Bria calls Phil, who tells them that Mariah has a ticket already booked and Jasmine already knows. This angers Bria.


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Tense feelings between Jordan and Summer lead to an argument.

In the evening, the group went out for dinner and to party. While out to dinner, multiple conversations occurred. First, Bria asks Jasmine if it was premeditated to invite Mariah to the house. To answer the question, Jasmine says she wanted Mariah in the house and bought her ticket that night. Bria responds that Phil expects to meet up with Mariah.

Jordan speaks up to explain Bria’s feelings, and Bria mentions that she’ll want to hang out with him if they see him out while in Martha’s Vineyard.

In her green screen, Jordan says that Jasmine must acknowledge Bria’s feelings regarding Mariah.

Next, Amir tries to get Shanice and Summer to talk things out despite Shanice. Shanice brought up why she felt triggered. Summer felt like she knew why her comments about being best dressed would get triggered. Things get tense with Jordan and Summer when Summer catches everyone laughing once she says Shanice has the best body in the group. This leads to Bria walking off from the group once more. Before walking off, Bria texts her mom that she’s ready to go home.

Summer begins crying when she asks if she can come off as mean, and Preston says yes.

Later, Noelle has a one-on-one talk with Alex, and she expresses her feelings to him. But Alex appreciates getting to know her with the group. Noelle brings up how she felt a certain way of seeing Alex flirt with another woman, realizing that she did the same thing the night before.

Alex brings up that he got out of a situation that didn’t work and wants to take things slowly. He’s also not for the drama and knows she’s Summer’s friend.

In the end, Noelle felt burned by the conversation with Alex.

On the way back home, Jordan and Summer disagree as they get out of the car.

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?


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  1. Bria just mad that Phil is not welcome and trying to cause Drama in the house because of it. She is saying that if Mariah brings Phil to the house it’s not on her and Shanice. First of all your Dog Milo is the issue, everyone don’t like dogs. Milo is everywhere on everything and house guests shouldn’t have the burden of cleaning up after your dog and putting up with his mommy’s bratty attitude. When I was coming up the dog stayed outside or if he was an inside dog he stayed off the furniture, out of the kitchen and for dang sure he bet not pissed or messed on mama’s shaggy brown carpet, lol. Bria don’t need anymore house guests, she has to babysit.She doing too much with Phil, Simon and Milo. Nope! She wants sympathy for her bad bratty behavior.
    Also, she shady for telling that Jasmine is pregnant.

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