LHHATL Recap: Scrappy Sues Bambi + Saucy Reveals He Cheated on Zell

LHHATL Season 11 Season Finale
Photo Credit: MTV

On “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Rasheeda is hosting her fashion show. She has Bambi and Jessica participate as models, and the rest of the cast supports her. Saucy and Scrappy will perform at the fashion show. Unfortunately, both bring drama with them.

Saucy is ready to tell Zell that their relationship is over for good. It’s also been revealed that Saucy cheated on Zell.

Next, Scrappy is furious with Bambi over a children’s book Bambi published. So, he decides to take Bambi to court over the book. This leads to Bambi and Scrappy arguing after the fashion show, despite Kirk’s best effort to have the former couple hash things out.

Lastly, Renni reveals to everyone her pregnancy.

Here’s the recap for “Hard Pressed.”

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  1. Zell how does it feel that your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore and you moved all this way to be with him? NEVER talk about someone’s else’s situation until you 👀 your own. I know how it feels to be cheated on. I’ve been there. I walked away from my situation as well.

  2. The entire cast is babies! Entire cast wants it their way or no way, never taking accountability or responsibility for their actions.

  3. Team Bambi, Team Erica, and Team Diamond because every last one of them was a side chick to that cheating a-s loser! Instead of blaming one of them, blame the d-mn man for once! Bambi and Diamond see Scrappy for what he is now. I’m just waiting on Erica and these male identified fans! I know she will wake up too and I ain’t giving up faith! Scrappy is the problem!

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