LHHATL Recap: Scrappy Sues Bambi + Saucy Reveals He Cheated on Zell

LHHATL Season 11 Season Finale Recap
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Rasheeda’s hosting a fashion show.

The season finale begins with Kirk and Rasheeda having a photo shoot with all of their kids, Saucy Santnat with a friend discussing his upcoming project, Scrappy getting ready for a shoot, and Karlie hosting Jesica.

Karlie wants to know why Jessica reacted like she did when Kai presented Karlie with the promise ring at the fashion show. Jessica says she knows what’s happening behind the scenes and doesn’t like Kai. She tells Karlie there’s a man out there that will make her truly happy. But Karlie still loves Kai and says Kai supports him. But if Kai cheats again, Karlie will dump him and pawn the promise ring.

Despite this, Karlie’s happy she’s in a better place with Spice.

Later, Saucy meets with Renni and Sierra to discuss him and Zell. Zell talked quite a bit about Saucy in Canada, and they’re concerned. Saucy says he told Zell that he didn’t want to be with him and cheated on Zell in their relationship. Zell, on the other hand, was faithful. Despite this, Sierra is concerned about Zell’s actions toward Saucy.

Saucy is going to perform at Rasheeda’s fashion show and sell at the show, and if Saucy talks to Zell, there could be drama.

Scrappy reveals he is suing Bambi.

As this happens, Scrappy’s getting a pedicure when Mendeecees and Kirk show up. They talk about their relationship issues. Scrappy says he’s single and is enjoying life. He also mentions he’s taking Bambi to court over a children’s book she published, calling the content about him lies. They will both be at Rasheeda’s fashion show, and Kirk wants Scrappy and Bambi to talk things out before then.

Mendeecees tells Kirk and Scrappy he feels no respect from Yandy about his feelings about various things.

Later, Rasheed is with Bambi and Kirk, conducting a model search for the fashion show. Jessica shows up and is instantly picked. Bambi also participates in the fashion show. The hunt for the other models goes well. After the casting call, Bambi tells Jessica, Kirk, and Rasheeda about Scrappy suing her over the children’s book.

The next day, Yandy is taking IVF shots as she’s still donating her egg to her cousin. They talk about Mendeecee’s feelings about it. Yandy says he’s concerned about her health and doesn’t understand why she’s doing it. She feels she’s doing the right thing but wants Mendeecee’s support.

Saucy clarifies with Zell it’s over, and Bambi clashes with Scrappy.

It’s the night of the fashion show, and Rasheeda’s stressed. Jessica is with Amy and Bambi, and she tells them she found the man who will help her give birth to a baby. She will keep his identity a secret, and Bambi wishes she could’ve kept Scrappy a secret.

Eventually, the guests arrive. Zell is with Karlie, and they talk about Saucy, who’s performing. Spice joins them and hugs Karlie. Shekinah joins them and learns of the make-up Karlie and Spice made. But Shekinah’s still furious with Karlie based on what happened earlier in the season.

After this, the show begins, and everyone feels it’s a success. Afterward, Saucy performs, followed by Scrappy, with Rasheeda closing out her fashion show.

At the end of the show, Renni and Sierra show up, with Renni fighting to prevent herself from revealing her pregnancy, and recaps the fashion show with the rest of the cast. When Zell walks over, everyone else leaves Saucy so the two of them can have their one-on-one. Saucy side-eyes Zell as Zell apologizes for his actions when they broke up. He tells Saucy he was wrong for his actions on social media, and their relationship is over. When Saucy says that, Zell gets up, feeling silly for moving to Atlanta to be with Saucy.

As the after-party continues, Mendeecees is by Yandy’s side and with the rest of the cast, including Scrappy. Scrappy’s lawsuit comes up, and Scrappy defends suing Bambi. He also brings up Rasheeda staying with Kirk throughout their drama. Rasheeda side-eyes this. Scrappy then walks off, and Bambi shows up. Kirk tries to convince her to talk to Bambi, but it doesn’t work.

To lighten up the mood, Renni reveals her pregnancy to everyone.

Eventually, Kirk manages to get Bambi and Scrappy together and reluctantly fist bump. They both agree that Scrappy and Bambi are good parents. But the positivity ends when he calls Bambi a liar. He then calls Bambi a psychopath. Everyone else feels uncomfortable, and Yandy says she hopes she’s never there with Mendeecees. On her green screen, Bambi says Scrappy has always thrown tantrums like this, calling him a 40-year-old toddler. Bambi cries out to Spice, and Spice consoles her.

What are your thoughts on the episode and season?

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  1. Zell how does it feel that your boyfriend doesn’t want you anymore and you moved all this way to be with him? NEVER talk about someone’s else’s situation until you 👀 your own. I know how it feels to be cheated on. I’ve been there. I walked away from my situation as well.

  2. The entire cast is babies! Entire cast wants it their way or no way, never taking accountability or responsibility for their actions.

  3. Team Bambi, Team Erica, and Team Diamond because every last one of them was a side chick to that cheating a-s loser! Instead of blaming one of them, blame the d-mn man for once! Bambi and Diamond see Scrappy for what he is now. I’m just waiting on Erica and these male identified fans! I know she will wake up too and I ain’t giving up faith! Scrappy is the problem!

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